4 Coping Tactics To See You Through the Hardest Times

The most important thing that we all need to do when we go through tough times is to learn how to cope. One of the many reasons we struggle when we go through difficult experiences in life, whether it’s death or divorce, we do not know the right ways to cope with it. But when you work to overcome difficult experiences, this allows you to heal. So what does it take to understand your ability to cope during difficult times?

Call Time on the Crisis

If you’re someone who is going through a divorce and it’s been going on for far too long, this crisis can define your life and your mindset. What happens? You burn out and you become more depressed which completely stunts your energy. If you learn to call an end to the crisis, you can shift your mindset into a more solution-based focus. In a legal setting, this is why specialists like the Spodek Law Group are in existence because they need to help a couple who have split up come to an amicable solution quickly, minimizing fallout, damage, and crisis. 

Practice Acceptance

One of the main reasons we all feel anxiety is by trying to exert forms of control over a situation. But we have to let go of things that we cannot control. When we go through a difficult period in life, we’ve got to recognize what we do not have control of, and then we can start to remove them from our list of worries. You can start by making a list of everything you have no control over. You can then use a moment of prayer or meditation to visualize yourself handing those items away and letting them go. There are so many things in life we cannot control, and when we accept these are beyond our means, we can focus better on the things we can control. 

Reduce Your Time With Toxic People

People who are not reliable and don’t have your best interests at heart are not the right people. If you spend time with people that leave you drained, they’re going to make you feel worse during times of crisis. These may be people you have known for a long time, and therefore you feel some sort of allegiance to them, but during these difficult times, you’ve got to focus on yourself. If you give more of yourself to others, especially those toxic people, they will suck the life out of you. 

Remember to Prioritize Self-Care

This is absolutely critical to surviving any taxing situation. If you do not make time to exercise or to reflect, a small moment every single day will help you to shake off the stresses. There are always ways around the problem. And rather than thinking you’ve got to put in an hour of exercising every day, you can break it down and incorporate micro exercises, or give yourself little bursts of contemplation time, where you power down your mind and give yourself the opportunity to reboot.

Learning to cope is about making sure that you have the skills. When we go through at halftime we do not know what to do. This is why having the skills allows you to observe a situation, orient yourself and also decide how you want to act.

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