Is Internet Learning Recommended For New Yoga Students?

Beginners yoga online classes and courses are widely found across the internet nowadays. But yoga is a discipline and form of exercise based on precision: for the best results, the practicing student must achieve the correct alignment when entering and holding poses, for instance. It’s also important to follow a balanced sequence of moves. And more than that, yoga is a spiritual discipline as much as a physical one. How can yoga online hope to replicate the dedicated teaching a beginner would get in the gym or classroom? This blog post addresses some of the issues and benefits of learning yoga over the internet.

Yoga Is Good For Your Mental And Physical Health

Before we start assessing the online part of learning yoga, it is important to address why taking up yoga makes a lot of sense. Yoga is a form of exercise that is great for both your mental and physical health. It is not a form of cardio, but it is great for stretching your muscles and helping you to improve your balance and posture. In addition to this, yoga is great for your mental health, helping you to de-stress and find clarity. The likes of Enterhealth will often recommend meditation or yoga for their patients if they deem it to be suitable for their current situation, as it can help people to find their inner calm.

The Pros And Cons Of Learning Yoga Online

Search the internet for views on learning beginner yoga online and you will likely come across a wide divergence. Some skeptics will say that using the internet to master something as spiritually based as yoga is counter-productive. Others may say that it can even be dangerous to try poses that are being taught online without a teacher with you to correct misalignments or faults with your posture. However, you will also find many people for whom learning online has proved to be a real boon. 

The truth is that a lot is dependent on the quality of the organization that has posted the lessons. If its team has a genuine will to bring the benefits of yoga to individuals regardless of where they are, the company will have invested a great deal of time and energy into ensuring classes are conducted by experts. Lessons and tuition will be planned to be safe and effective. Steps will be taken to ensure that classes are properly sequenced, so the body is introduced to poses in a logical order that help you warm up and avoid injury. Detailed, clear instructions will be given on posture and alignment that will help you move into and hold poses correctly, so that you feel the full benefit. The onus is also on the student as well, though. If you intend to take online lessons, you must commit to listening carefully and intently; adjusting both posture and alignment as necessary; and practicing properly between sessions. That way, you will get the most benefit out of your beginner yoga classes online.

Why Sign Up For Yoga Classes Online For Beginners?

For centuries, though, yoga has been taught face to face, these days commonly in a gym or other community space. This approach has helped many gain inner peace as well as a stronger, more flexible, more balanced body. Why would you, then, sign up for yoga classes online for beginners? Well, consider the benefits. To find a properly trained and experienced tutor in your local area, you may have to take up an expensive gym membership. This typically covers a host of other types of classes and the use of equipment that you simply might not want or need. That expense can be beyond many people’s means. With an online membership to a dedicated yoga training provider, you are paying only for what you want and will use. 

Yoga at home for beginners via the internet also saves you time and money on travel to and from your class. You can customize the space you use to suit yourself and maximize the comfort that surrounds you as you practice – no draughty church halls in winter! You can also schedule lessons to suit your own timetable, so you won’t miss out when the kids are off school or you have work commitments elsewhere.

And finally, you have the benefit of making mistakes as you learn without the embarrassment of other, more experienced students watching. It’s far easier to concentrate on your meditation and breathing if you are not worried about what others are seeing as you do so! 

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