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3 Home Items You Should Save On…And One You Shouldn’t!

3 Home Items You Should Save On...And One You Shouldn't!In this world of competing deals, discount stores, extreme couponing and more, it seems like everybody is out to save money these days- but if you’re new to the world of saving on those daily essentials, it can be a little overwhelming knowing where to start. There are so many options out there- how do you know where the best deals really are? Well, just making a few simple changes can make a difference to your household bills right now.

All that money saved can go towards fun days out, or bigger savings goals – even a dream of become debt free. It’s true that that little savings add up, but there are also a few things in life where it’s not worth going for the cheapest option. Here are 3 family essentials to save big on… and one to consider!

Diaper Discounts

If you have young kids that are yet to be potty trained, you’ll probably be used to spending a small fortune on diapers. Every superstore out there seems to have a deal, but are you really getting the best value? But have you thought of checking Amazon’s Warehouse Deals? This online shop sells items were the outer packaging may be damaged, but the contents inside are just fine and on regular essentials like this, could save you a fortune.

Cut-price clothes and shoes

Keeping you and your family clothed through all seasons at good value can be a challenge, especially as kids are barely in their clothes before moving up a size! But you don’t have to choose between style and getting a good deal. Find gift card reselling sites to purchase gift cards for a specific store at a steep discount, and use those to bulk purchase great quality basics that will last.

Streamline your Supplies

Have you ever taken a look in a certain cupboard and realized how many different cleaning products you have? We all want our homes to be clean, safe environments for our families, but it is possible to maintain standards by cut out the clutter and expense for myriad products. Pick an all-purpose detergent instead, and there’s not much you can’t do with it- use neat or dilute in a spray bottle to make a cleaning spray. White vinegar can be purchased cheaply and leaves an amazing streak free shine on your surface. Miss that just cleaned smell? Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil in there.

…And Where to Hold Back

One thing you should never scrimp on is homeowners insurance. You want to make sure you have the piece of mind of you and your home being covered in case of any unexpected setbacks. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t compare providers to get the best deal, but go for a comprehensive cover from a trusted supplier like and make sure the policy covers specific circumstances, for example if your home is prone to flood, be sure that this is included in the policy. You may be glad one day that you did!

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