11 Netflix Titles for Mom’s Streaming Sanctuary

11 Netflix Titles for Mom's Streaming Sanctuary #StreamTeam

So apparently I am not the only person out there that is in love with the Netflix hit series Orange Is The New Black… the day season two started streaming my facebook wall was covered with posts about it! I am not ashamed to admit that I quickly became addicted to yet another fantastic season and managed to finish all the episodes in three days. Now what am I to do when my little buggers are in bed!? I was so sad once I finished the second season and realized how long I would have to wait until season three… what was I thinking watching it so fast!? Then I realized the world is equally in love with this show and there is plenty of swag out there to cheer you up during your time of “Orange Is The New Black Withdrawals” as I like to call it.


I was delighted to see that there was a book out of the show, how awesome is that!? This is most definitely a great tribute to the show and something I know fans would enjoy. Not to mention a great way to hold you over until season three is out!

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Netflix has put together an amazing selection of shows for mom’s streaming sanctuary and I was so excited to see three of my all time favorites included! Orange Is The New Black… well you already know how much I love that show! A If you have yet to watch Weeds I highly suggest that you do. This is in no way, shape or form appropriate for children and defiantly a show to watch after they are in bed. You will find your self falling in love with the characters, hating them, loving them again and then heartbroken when you watch the last episode of the final season. Each season is so different and unique from the last, with a entire list a new drama and problems for the family… does not get repetitive nor does it drag on… the craziness just keeps on coming!

Then there is Breaking Bad…. oh how I miss that show! Again, wait until those kiddos are in bed, then prepare to stay up all night watching the show as each episode ends with your jaw dropping, so you just HAVE to watch the next one! I can’t even begin to tell you how crazy, drastic and outrageous this show is… completely raw and full of love and determination. A man with months left to live that will do anything to ensure his family is well off when he is going makes for a very good plot… and the main character completely transforms throughout the show! Without giving away to much, I will just stop here and again encourage you to start watching!

Titles you’ve heard about, but haven’t had time to watch:

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Scandal SP LATAM 571x800
70180057 3336195
70202589 2768854
70143836 4177304
70157304 3358315

Sleeper hits you may have missed:

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70245163 3962861
70253797 3377791
70175669 2525091
70267274 4132266
 Here are a few crafts to keep you and the little ones busy until they are in bed and you can stay up all night watching one of these amazing shows on Netflix!!!!

Say No More…

Netflix June e-kit

…we get it. While this section is usually reserved for our fun (and we’ll admit it, sometimes messy) family crafts, this month is all about you — avoid the craft cleanup and savor quality time with your favorite onscreen friends like Nancy Botwin, Crazy Eyes and Walter White.


Snack Like a Gladiator: Red Wine and Pizza Popcorn


It doesn’t take many episodes of Scandal to realize main gladiator, Olivia Pope, consumes copious amounts of red wine and big bowls of popcorn after a long day. Like Olivia, we know you’re the “fixer” in your family too — click here to learn how to make your own Scandal-worthy snack for the ultimate indulgence.

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