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Schwan’s: Online Grocery Delivery Service Review

A special thanks to Schwan’s  for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with their products for free in exchange for an honest review!

Schwan's: Online Grocery Delivery Service Review

About Schwan’s

“Schwan’s Home Delivery offers 350 delicious, high quality foods that help make it easy to prepare delicious home-style meals that you will love! We have many one-of-a-kind food items that you can’t find at the grocery store. We have USDA Choice meats – chicken, pork, beef, and fish. Our fruits and vegetables are grade A, and flash frozen at the peak of freshness. We also have our famous varieties of ice cream and pizza. Everything from breakfast items to dinner entrees, there is something for everyone and 100% satisfaction guarantee on our products and no contracts or minimum orders. Plus, home delivery by our friendly, reliable sales representatives for only $1.75- What do you have to lose? “

My Review

We moved across the country this past winter, many miles away from all of our beloved friends and family. This is certainly something that has taken a lot of time to get used to, as we no longer have those people around to help us with the kids when needed. My husband had to leave on a business trip for a week recently, which left me alone to care for both kids while eight months pregnant. Caring for the kids on my own wasn’t what concerned me most, it was the exhausting and restrictions of being so far in pregnancy that I worried I would overexert myself. It is times like those that I truly miss my family and their generosity of helping with the kids and feeding us delicious meals. I really didn’t want to have to order food, chase kids through a grocery store or spend all day in the kitchen. So what other options did I have that allowed me to prepare easy and healthy meals for my children? Well I am here today to introduce to you a food delivery service that managed to make my week alone with the children significantly easier than I had anticipated. It was like Christmas when the Schwan’s delivery truck showed up in front of the house and I couldn’t wait to try all the great food that we chose.


The Schwan’s website is very easy to navigate and everything is broken down into simple food categories. There were lot’s of mark downs and sales going on when I was choosing items for my order, which made this frugal mommy very happy in deed! We are huge pizza lovers in this house, so it only made sense that we order one of the delicious frozen pizzas. I am personally a huge pasta and seafood fan, so I found that the shrimp alfredo would be a perfect meal for the three of us. There was plenty of food for all of use to have seconds and it was so incredibly good, full of flavor and mouthwatering alfredo sauce. The tortellini was also so incredibly delicious and there was actually enough that we had it for lunch one day and dinner on a different day! We had philly subs multiple times throughout the week, as there was more than enough to get a few meals out of the steak that was in the box. The chicken pot pies were our favorite and they were so much better than I had anticipated. This wasn’t your typical frozen pot pit with the small chunks and over processed sauce. NO, it was packed full of large chunks of chicken, potatoes, carrots and the gravy was simply amazing.


Overall I was extremely satisfied with my entire experience with Schwan’s. I loved the convenience of being able to order the food from my home and have it delivered to my front door. The food was much better than I was expecting it to be, nothing compared to the typical frozen foods you get at the grocery stores. The prices are not at all outrages and they seem to over great sales and coupon codes regularly. This is absolutely a company I would recommend and could not be more pleased with the service and food I received!

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Here are some great money saver coupons for those that are new customers or who haven’t ordered in the past 52 weeks. ZOEA2 saves $10 off $50 or $5 off $25 or..ZOEA15 saves $15 off $75 + when you use my coupon I’ll send you more coupons for two future orders. + when you order online you receive 5% back in reward points.

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12 thoughts on “Schwan’s: Online Grocery Delivery Service Review

  1. I have heard of Schwan’s but never ordered from them because I thought it would be too expensive and the products were not up to my standards. From your review I think I may be wrong. Your pictures made me hungry and I love the idea of saving time, wear and tear on my vehicle and I love saving money. Thanks for the review.

  2. I like Scwan’s products – especially the Blue Hake fish.
    Just tried the LiveSmart peppers and onion mix – it’s great!
    thank you

  3. I haven’t ordered food from Schwan’s in about seven years, I might just have to order something now.

  4. All of it looks delicious. I had wondered about the quality and affordability of it, but since I read your review, I have decided to check it out

  5. I have always wanted to order from Schwann’s and did when I was younger but just haven’t had the funds to do it lately as I am penny pinching to get by on a minimum wage job. Everything looks good and I just learned they have cotton candy flavored PUSH UMS like push ups. I bet these are delicious and refreshing.

  6. Love the variety of goods and that they do home deliver. Money is always an issue though. It is a nice to have.

  7. We used to order from Schwans all the time, we loved their ice cream. Now that the kids are out of the house I have extra money and should think about starting this service again

  8. All of the food that you ordered really does look delicious! I love that it is delivered to your door, but doesn’t cost a fortune to do so. I would definitely love to try it out! The pasta you got looks very good!

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