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10 Expensive Services You Should DIY

If you are like me, you probably want to save a few bucks. In this article you will find out what home services you can do by yourself and save a lot of money in the process. Why is all of this important?

Because all of the mentioned services are usually very expensive when you take into account your own capabilities, and how much craftsmen charge you. I believe that everyone who is reading this is capable of doing at least seventy percent of the stuff that I mentioned all by himself, and yes – herself.

So, here’s the deal:

10. Change a broken light bulb

I know what you are thinking right now. Is this for real?

Well, it is. I know that most of you already do it by yourselves, but for those of you who don’t: save yourself 50 bucks and a couple of hours of waiting for the electrician.

All that you need to do is: Remove the cover of the lamp (don’t forget to unplug it first), unscrew the bulb, maybe use a multimeter to check that the lamp’s wiring is delivering power to the bulb socket, screw the new one in, reattach the cover – and that’s it. Make sure you do you research to ensure that you get the best multimeter out there. 

9. Seal a leaking window

Who wants to call in the glazier and spend hours on waiting, only to be charged for something he could have done by himself?

Look – you just need to buy some silicone for 20 dollars and glue the edge of the window to the glass over the leaking part. You will probably spend very little silicone so you even get to keep the rest of it for the next time.

8. Landscape your yard

I think that you agree with me when I say that everyone loves to see a beautiful back yard.

Some people spend a ton of money on paying a gardener when all that they need to do is to decide what plants do they want, go online, read a couple of articles and decide what plant to plant and where. All that remains to fertilize the plants when the time is right and to form them as they grow.

7. Assemble your own furniture

Why pay extra when you buy a new couch when you can just do it yourself?

The best part?

Most of the companies that sell furniture provide you with the tools and instructions on assembling it all by yourself.

6. Cut down that old tree

You know, that old tree that is not so big, but makes you shiver whenever there is a thunderstorm?

That tree that you can’t stop wondering whether it will fall on your head or your house whenever wind blows?

Here’s the deal: if you make sure that it will fall on the part of your yard that is free of anyone and anything that can be destroyed by it – go ahead, take your chainsaw (or ask a stronger person to do it) and save yourself five hundred dollars.

Yes, that’s right. Tree removal services can cost anywhere from four hundred to two thousand dollars.

I think that you just made up your mind for the first option.

5. Make your own table

If you have some spare planks and wood paint in your shed – you know what to do, right?

The table doesn’t have to be for your living room, but it feels very nice when you give it your best shot and you can say – this is my work.

4. Make a tool cabinet

Why stop at a table?

If you have a lot of spare parts and you really loved making that table, then, by all means make a tool cabinet.

Everyone who comes into your shed will be amazed by your work and if people are truly amazed by it, you could even end up making and selling a couple more of them.

3. Paint your home

Everyone I know is paying a ton of money for this incredibly easy task.

You obviously buy the paint when you are redecorating. Buy a couple of paint rollers of different sizes and some tape to tape around the door frames and electric sockets and do it.

You can rest assured that is not like artistic painting. You take a roller and you paint the room.

Just like that. It is impossible to make a mistake when doing this.

I think that you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it was and how nice it looks.

You didn’t just save few hundred dollars, you managed to transform your entire home, by yourself, and made it look how you want it.

2. Fix your plumbing

Why does fixing your plumbings matter when you can just call in the plumber?

It matters because you will, obviously, save hundreds of dollars and when you take into account that an average household needs to call in the plumber one or two times during the year – you realize that you will save thousands of dollars during the course of the following few years. Well, if you don’t know the basics of plumbing, you can learn by visiting howtobecomeaplumber.org.

You can buy yourself a small nice boat that you always wanted for that money.

1. Install your plumbing

Now, I gotta be honest with you.

This one is the hardest on this list, but it is here for a reason.

You need to conduct a ton of research online and maybe consult with your friend who is a plumber, but if you are anyone who is of a technical vocation, like an electrician or a glazier, then you will be able to do this and your experience in construction will help you.

A lot.

By doing this yourself you will save thousands of dollars.

Bottom line:

Each and every one of the things listed is on this list for a reason.

Some will save you couple of bucks, while the other ones will save you thousands.

There will also be a lot of fun in process. I know it from experience.

I also think that you can see yourself sometime in the future having a good laugh with your friends and retelling the experience while having a good cold beer.

If you have some spare time and you are eager to develop your skills and save money, I recommend you to do all things listed.

You will not regret it.

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