5 Foods That Won’t Encourage Wight Gain

When it comes to dieting there’s a big challenge. It’s hard to find foods that are both filling and won’t contribute much, or at all, to you gaining weight. No matter how much you may exercise, if you eat certain foods you’ll pretty much always be fighting weight gains. The good news is that there are certain foods you can eat that can be both filling and not hurt your weight! This article might even inspire you to look for new career opportunities within the food industry. With that said, let’s look into 5 healthy foods.

Broccoli: Sure, it may not be the go to for a lot of people, but it’s really not bad and it’s certainly good for you! Broccoli has high fiber and water content, and therefore doesn’t have many calories per serving. Broccoli is also loaded with fiber so not only is it a great guilt free food, but it’ll also keep your digestion regular. Definitely a good plate filler food that you don’t have to feel guilty for.

Eggs: If you’re all about the protein, then this is something you need to make sure you aim for! Eggs are great for your body and are good for more than just protein. They have Vitamin D and good cholesterol as well, plus they’re affordable. Just make sure when you eat the white alongside the yolk; roughly half the protein is in the yolk.

Chicken: It tends to be lean so you won’t be filling yourself with unhealthy fats. The protein in the chicken also kick starts your digestive system and metabolism and helps you burn more calories when at rest. More calories are found in chicken than in veggies, but the trade-off is that it’ll give you enough energy and proteins to keep you from feeling excessively hungry the rest of the day. Bake or grill if you’re shaving fat as opposed to frying it.

Celery: This is a great food for you to eat because of what it’s made of. It’s 75% water and the other 25% is mostly composed of fiber and such so you won’t have to worry much about putting on too many pounds because of eating it. And if you like the taste, then you need to make sure you eat as much as you can, because it has Vitamins C, A, and K, the fiber will help your digestive health out and you can eat a lot of it and not be worried!

Peas: These little guys are a great source of fiber, protein, micronutrients, antioxidants and more! Just a cup of peas has less than 100 calories and still has tons of nutritional benefits. They can be digested easily, and help you with muscle-building as well as fat-burning, since it has compounds such as glutamine and branched chain amino acids. Definitely something for you to add to your diet!

As you will probably have noticed, these foods don’t include carbohydrates. You might want to read the guide found at this site, which provides great tips for weight loss.

Finally, none of these foods are bad for you and certainly won’t contribute much, if at all, to gaining weight, so these are definitely food types you should aim for! You won’t regret it!

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