10 awesome facts about English bulldogs

10 awesome facts about English bulldogsThe English bulldog is a cute, dependable dog breed with a calm temperament and a loveable countenance. They make the best companions among children and adults alike. Here are 10 incredible facts about the English bulldog.


  • They are independent


English bulldogs are self sufficient. Rather than running to their owners for help like other breeds would do, most bulldogs are confident enough to overcome obstacles and solve a myriad of problems. This determination and self-reliance gives them an aura of independence.


  • They were once used to fight bulls


Wondering where the English bulldogs got their unusual looks? They were once bred to become effective bull baiting machines. Bulldogs possess stocky bodies that allowed them to remain grounded once bulls tried to catapult them into the air. The wrinkles on their faces served as channels through which blood moved down from their faces and eyes. The loose skin on their bodies shielded their vital internal organs. Luckily, bull baiting was banned many years ago.


  • They almost became extinct


After England illegalized bull baiting, bulldog owners saw no need of keeping these fierce beasts around. It suddenly seemed like the days of the English bulldog were numbered. However, a few dog lovers who saw great potential in bulldogs began breeding bulldogs that had kinder, gentler demeanors.


  • They don’t thrive in water


English bulldogs have huge heads and small backsides. This shape makes it difficult for these cute creatures to maneuver through the water. Most of them can barely swim. It’s wise to be on the lookout when your bulldog is swimming to prevent them from going under.


  • President love them


The 30th POTUS, Calvin Coolidge, once owned an English bulldog called Boston Beans. He loved the dog unconditionally. President Warren Harding (Calvin’s predecessor) also had a bulldog named Oh Boy. Apparently, heads of state also love this dog breed.


  • They are normally delivered via Cesarean section


After years of selective breeding, English bulldogs have evolved dramatically. Their physical attributes have changed as well. For instance, their heads have grown so large that natural births have become more complicated. Around 80% of bulldogs these days are delivered using C-section.


  • English bulldogs are popular school and corporate mascots


In America, the bulldog is extremely popular. Many school sports teams and companies use this breed as their mascots, and it isn’t hard to figure out why.


  • They have a knack for skateboarding


Although English bulldogs are barely active or athletic, they have a queer proclivity towards skateboards. It’s almost like skateboarding is ingrained into their DNA. Try teaching your bulldog to skateboard and see how it goes!


  • They overheat in tropical temperatures


English bulldogs have a tendency to overheat when subjected to hot weather. Consequently, breathing becomes a tad difficult. It’s recommended to cool them off frequently or bring them inside when it’s too hot out. Bulldogs shed moderately as well, so ensure that you groom their coats every so often.


  • They are people-oriented


Bulldogs love getting people’s attention. In addition, they are sweet and have a gentle predisposition. This makes them terrific family pets – you won’t have to worry about your bulldog bullying the children or any other pets you might have.

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