Does Pet Insurance Actually Save You Money?

Unless you have huge chunks of money at your disposal, anytime your pet falls sick; then you should consider pet insurance. The insurance covers you, the pet owner, from massive medical bills when your pet gets an injury or falls ill. Insurance policy comes in handy when the unexpected happens to your pet, saving you the agony of spending on costly bills. Minor infections may not be worth taking insurance for them. However, what if Read More

A Bad Credit Score Shouldn’t Hinder Your Plans of Buying a New Car

It’s easy for you to get discouraged from buying a new car or having any other plans that involve financial transactions because of your bad credit score. It’s like a death sentence. Each time you apply for a loan, and the creditor sees that you have a bad credit score, they end up rejecting your application. As terrible as it is, you shouldn’t feel discouraged. Just because you have a low credit score and you Read More

How to Financially Survive in College

As if being far from home and having to get accustomed to all these new people and living conditions were not difficult enough, college students often face financial issues which completely shift their focus from their studies. To help you overcome financial challenges that you are facing as a student, we have come up with a list of tips that will help you improve your finances. Search for scholarships Your college offers many student aid Read More

What Does ‘Transferable Letter of Credit’ Mean?

A transferable letter of credit is an essential tool in business used to facilitate payments to the manufacturer or supplier. According to financial experts, it is a substitute for a confirmed letter of credit or advanced payments. It can also be defined as a letter of credit that allows the initial beneficiary to transfer part or all of the credit to another person. This forms the secondary beneficiary. Furthermore, the person that first accepts the Read More

How to Create Holiday Magic in a Frugal Way

Christmas is a special and magical time of year that provides everyone with the excuse and opportunity to catch up with their loved ones. However, the festive season also brings with it a lot of financial worry and pressure, which can be difficult if money is a little tight. Christmas seems to get bigger every year, and now the average American spends around $600 on the festive season.  However, with Christmas fast approaching, it is Read More

Family Finances in the Open: What to Tell Your Kids & How Alamo Associates Can Help

If you’re a parent who’s experiencing debt problems, you may be wondering what, if anything, to tell your kids. Some parents feel it’s best to hide money troubles. That plan rarely pans out, because kids tend to be very good at picking up on unspoken clues. In the interest of careful disclosure and family honesty, we are pleased to present a few ways you can talk to your kids about debt. What kids don’t need Read More

What Are the Best Discounts Available for Car Insurance?

Car insurance is one of those expenses that leave most drivers confused and frustrated. If you’ve ever wondered “why is my premium so high?” or “how can I lower the cost of my insurance?” then you’ve come to the right place! While many things factor into the cost of your car insurance, you’ll still want to find a way to make it cheaper. Car insurance companies don’t operate to offer you great coverage at a Read More

8 Ways To Discover The Best NRE Savings Account For You

Every year a large number of the population is moving abroad for educational and employment reasons. As an NRI, you need to make your financial decisions wisely. Because it is not easy to maintain two different accounts in two different countries. To get the flexibility of depositing funds in foreign currency and withdrawing in your home currency, one must opt for an NRE account. Just like any other savings, the terms and benefits of an Read More

Finance Solutions: Simple Ways To Cut Your Monthly Expenses

When it comes to fixed payments and monthly bills, our spending becomes easy enough to keep track of because these are things we can plan and develop a budget for. But everyone at some point meets some hidden expenses that they don’t know about or can’t see. Many things can knock off our budgets, such as high energy costs or hidden bank fees or something as simple as a magazine subscription. What many people don’t Read More

Supporting Your Family Financially After Leaving The Military

Leaving the military can fill you with both excitement and anxiety for what may lie ahead; swapping your military lifestyle for life in suburbia gives you a chance to make up for lost time with your family, but also means you now have to find new ways to finance your family’s lifestyle. Nowadays though, there are plenty of ways for veterans to put their existing skills into practice, meaning it is easier than it ever Read More

Keeping Your Family Safe on a Budget

It’s estimated that there are over 1.4 million burglaries in the United States every year. This happens to homes in all types of neighborhoods, including those that are gated or known as “safe”. With this in mind, it’s important for each family to make home protection a priority.  While this may seem difficult if you’re on a budget, there are solutions that can help keep your home safe without the need to overspend. Some of Read More

Top Ways to Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Do you feel like your electricity bill has been out of control lately? Or, maybe you just wish part of your electric bill could go towards other things you’d rather spend money on? While we can’t avoid paying our electric bills, we can control how much we end up paying each month.  Believe it or not, there are plenty of simple things you can do to lower your electric bill each month. Check out this Read More