Frugal Tips That Will Help You Save Money for a Home

Generally, people think that frugal living is limiting their lifestyle a lot. Although this is true in a small percentage, frugal living is all about limiting unnecessary expenses. And if you think you can’t save up a lot by doing so, try to remember that this woman in China successfully retired at 29 after seven years of limiting her expenses. After all, frugal living can help you save generous amounts, see? And the good news Read More

Bad Personal Finance Habits That Are Keeping You Broke

We all love the feeling we get when buying groceries on sale or when setting some money aside. Sure, it may not feel as glamorous or rewarding as treating ourselves, but it’s for the better, right? At the end of the month, we should have more money in our bank accounts! But happens if you don’t? What if, after all these small financial sacrifices, you still feel broke, and every effort seems useless? Sometimes, this Read More

Best Cost Effective Flooring For Your Kitchen

Kitchens are a fun place for family and friends to gather over good food and spend time socializing or catching up about each other’s day. In today’s lifestyle, however, the kitchen is a multi-purpose facility. As part of modern home design it’s frequently open to the living area. Homeowners desire kitchen flooring that’s not only low maintenance but also long lasting, budget friendly and will add style to the kitchen. Thankfully, many homeowners can find Read More

The Cost of living in San Diego and How to Make It More Affordable

It is no secret that California is one of the most expensive states in the US to live in. In fact, California is actually the second most expensive state, leaving behind forty-eight others and only lagging slightly behind Hawaii in terms of average living expenses. Even then, real estate prices and healthcare costs in California are on an average, higher than they are in Hawaii. Therefore, the fact that San Diego is among the top Read More

Saving Money While You Travel With Your Family

The hardest part of traveling with your family is coordinating the plans and tying down the finances. But that shouldn’t keep you from booking vacations in exciting or exotic locales. Family vacations create opportunities for memories that will last a lifetime. To make the most of your vacation without draining your bank account, check out these money-saving tips for travel. Affordable Car Rentals Saving money on your travels starts the moment you step off the Read More

5 Things You Can’t Afford to Be Frugal With in Business

When it comes to running a business, any experienced entrepreneur will tell you just how important it is to consistently pay attention to maintaining a positive cash flow. Cutting costs where you can and saving as much money as possible can help to maximize your profits over time and lead to a more successful business with many assets. However, whilst cutting costs is certainly an important part of business success, there are several areas of Read More

How to Financially Survive in College in 2019

As if being far from home and having to get accustomed to all these new people and living conditions were not difficult enough, college students often face financial issues which completely shift their focus from their studies. To help you overcome financial challenges that you are facing as a student, we have come up with a list of tips that will help you improve your finances. Search for scholarships Your college offers many student aid Read More

Methods To Reduce Your Financial Stress & How Ballast Associates Can Help

When encountering financial stress, we may feel a sense of tension unlike any other. Of course, funding is often the lifeblood of the quality of life we have come to expect, and when that starts to dip we always feel quite put out and worried. Almost everyone knows this feeling. All of us have financial dips from time to time, but what matters is the intelligent manner in which we attempt to resolve these issues. Read More

Need Fast Cash For The Holiday?

A holiday is always a special period everyone looks forward to. It offers you a chance to take a break from your normal work and sometimes travel a long distance to spend memorable moments with your loved ones. However, as lovely as this sounds, holidays come with a lot of financial restraints. Luckily, we have a few tips in coming up with some extra funds for you to enjoy a holiday. Take up a weekend Read More

A Personal Online Shopping Companion That Puts Money Back In Your Wallet!

I am always looking for ways to save, get discounts or earn rewards for purchases I am already making! There is just something so thrilling to me when I save, especially when I have three little mouths to feed. We all know that in today’s economy, an extra buck can go a long way. From a quick trip to the grocery store to grab a few items, a coffee from the local coffee shop, or Read More

6 Simple Tricks to Save Money Around the House

Saving money isn’t always as easy as cutting out coupons and stopping unnecessary spending.In order to really cash in on the benefits of budgeting, you will also need to make certain changes in your home. Whether you are saving the funds for a big family vacation or simply want to have some extra cash in the emergency fund, here are six simple tips for saving money around your home. Monitor Your Heating and Cooling It Read More

The Benefits of Having a Credit Card & How Interstate Associates Can Help!

The temptation of credit cards has been discussed at length in recent years. It has led to many households in the USA having several thousand dollars of debt on which they are paying a high rate of interest each month. Those who merely use a credit card for convenience and then pay off the full statement amount at the end of the month, credit cards are a great idea. There are even reward programs whereby Read More