Four Ways You Can Earn Money With Your House

You spent a lot of money building, fixing, and maintaining your house. It doesn’t have to cost you cash, though. With a bit of creativity on your part, you can turn your home into a moneymaking machine. Here are four ideas to get you started. Start a Home-Improvement Blog If you are a DIY junkie and love doing home renovations, why not start a home-improvement blog to feature all your hard work? You can write Read More

Cut Down on These 5 Home Expenses to Save Money

From cold winters to hot summers, many Americans spend significant amounts of money on energy bills. A typical family spends about $2,000 annually on energy costs, with heating taking about 29 percent of those costs. But as technology gets more sophisticated, dynamic methods to lower such costs and improve energy efficiency surface. How do you figure out the best approaches to cut down your home expenses? You can save a large sum of cash with Read More

Tips for Cutting Entertainment Expenses in Your Family

When you have children to entertain every month, it’s natural to want to spend money on interesting activities and outings that amuse, inspire, teach, and motivate them, and provide opportunities for family connection. However, if you’re on a tight budget and looking for ways to cut costs and save more money, the area of entertainment is one where you might be able to reduce expenses. There are numerous steps you can take to spend less Read More

GrabPoints Review

GrabPoints a rewards site. You may have heard about rewards sites while browsing through some of your favorite blogs – there seem to be tons of new rewards sites popping up all the time. GrabPoints is a bit different from those sites, because it has been around since 2014. To date, the site has millions of members. GrabPoints also has a sister site – ZoomBucks. While this review won’t cover ZoomBucks, I think it’s a Read More

Lose Weight With These Money-Saving Tips

By simply making some small changes to your normal routine, you can get total control of your eating habits and lose weight in the process. Below are some of the most effective tips compiled by experts to help you realize your weight loss goals. The minor adjustments and tweaks to your lifestyle potentially translate to major calorie savings while helping you achieve your goals. Are you ready to transform your life by eating healthy and Read More

Starting Your Own Home-Based Side-Hustle Business

There is nothing more satisfying than working in the comfort of your home. When things become mundane and you get fed up with your humdrum 9 to 5 office routine, giving a thought to home-based side business is worth to ponder. However, it needs a lot of courage and determination to move further with the idea and remain firm. The foremost question that arises is how to kick start a home-based business and from where Read More

Loans for Vacation: 6 Tips for Financing Your Next Vacation

Everyone dreams of taking their family on an amazing vacation. But with the average cost for a family vacation running more than $4,580, paying for that trip is tough. Credit cards can help, but putting thousands of dollars on the card can cost you in high-interest payments. And if you don’t have tons of savings, you won’t have enough cash to cover the costs. That’s where using loans for vacation expenses can help. But there’s Read More

Truman Advisors Provides Brilliant Debt Relief Options

Debt relief can take one of several forms; these include paying your bills (yes, we know this sounds obvious, but stick with us), consolidating your debt, credit counseling, debt settlement and bankruptcy protection. While each has its place, some of those solutions are better than others for certain situations. Let’s take a look at each of these brilliant debt relief options. Paying Your Bills While it might seem like an impossibility if you’ve fallen behind, Read More

The Essential Guide To Fashion On A Budget

As a budding fashionista, it can seem like keeping up with the latest fashion can be at odds with living on a budget. As quickly as the trends come in, they go back out of style, which makes it difficult to keep up to date when your finances can only stretch so far. So what if I told you that it’s perfectly possible to be on trend and stay out of debt? It’s all about Read More

9 Things To Know Before You Buy a Home & How Bennett Lending Can Help

Okay, so buying a home is a pretty massive investment. It is most likely going to be the biggest investment you ever make (unless you win the lottery and decide to buy a mega-yacht). However, before you simply pull on your bathing suit and dive into the bountiful existence that accompanies home-owning, there are certain things you need to do regarding preparation first. But don’t worry, we’re not going to let you figure what these Read More

What to Know Before Buying Your First Home

Finally ready to take the plunge and step onto the property ladder. Want to make sure that your home mortgage loan is approved first time without any fuss? There are several things that you need to do first if you’re going to make that mortgage a reality. Before you talk to a lender, do these things, and you’ll be buying that perfect property in no time at all. Check Your Credit Score When you’re applying Read More

How to Boost Your Travel Budget With Coupon Codes

Scrolling to your social media feed, looking for faraway lands and a lifetime experience. Then you wake up and look at your bank account. and these two don’t really get along? Well, try to travel on a budget. You will save money and you’ll run into exciting adventures. But let’s take a look at some awesome hacks that will change your plans and you’ll be ready to pack your clothes. Let’s start up with off-pick Read More