A Simple Way To Eat From Your Favorite Restaurant At Home

Thank you Postmates for sponsoring this post.  Whenever a special day comes around (such as my birthday or Mother’s Day) people always assume that I want to go out for dinner to celebrate. Honestly, the older the more I just enjoy being at home and enjoying a meal together where we don’t have to worry about a kid getting to rambunctious…. we don’t have to worry about messes… we don’t have to worry about spending too Read More

Affordable Ways to Show Gratitude

Showing your gratitude for a friend or family member’s act of kindness can help others realize how appreciative you are. But, don’t feel like you have to break the bank and purchase an extravagant gift to display your appreciation. The people in your life who help you out and do you a favor don’t do it to get something lavish in return; they do it because they love and care for you. Still, it is Read More

Simple Budget Tips That Really Work

Springtime 2020 has been tough on a lot of families, and we’ve been seeing too many people having to tighten their proverbial belts. The cost of some goods online has risen with pandemic-era demand, even though companies like Amazon have tried to fight price-gouging practices. Grocery store shelves have been laid to waste. Workers have been laid off, some temporarily and others permanently.  Even households whose income has not changed have begun to practice frugality, Read More

Financial Tips when Paying for Your Child’s Wedding

If you have a son or daughter getting married this year, you’re likely excited about the big day and how you might be involved in it. If you plan to pay for some or all of the wedding, though, it’s important to be careful that you don’t end up investing more than you can afford, or spend so much money on the nuptials that you end up feeling stressed or taken advantage of. Follow some Read More

Got Paid? Here’s Everything That’s Included in a Pay Stub!

Got paid recently? First of all, congratulations. Now that we’ve got that covered, here’s everything that’s included a pay stub! Does your employer give you a pay stub when you get your check? A pay stub tells you all you need to know about your weekly or bi-weekly earnings, like how much you make per hour, how many overtime hours you worked, and all of the deductions that were made. It’s all vital information that Read More

Best Tax-Free Investments

Another Key To Professional and Business Success The modern economy has been forged through the sweat and determination of many people over hundreds of years. The advances we all benefit from that have been brought to the world through the free market are truly astonishing. A person from a thousand years ago would simply not be capable of understanding how our current system operates. The hypothetical man of yesteryear that we just described is not Read More

How To Reduce Costly Home Repairs

While we all aspire to have a rainy-day account, sometimes life (and our home) has other plans. From leaking roofs to broken boilers, clogged drains to electrical faults, when the worst does happen in the home, we may have to seek alternative financing options. We’ll help you uncover the most common household repairs and whether it’s safe to undertake them yourself or if it’s best to call in the professionals.   Roofing issues Roofs are exposed Read More

Great Gift Ideas For Your Kids That Aren’t Expensive

All of us are aware of the yearly drill of your kid writing down a catalog of the souvenirs that she must be given this holiday time of year. It contains 101 lines and consists of the whole lot that she has chanced upon at toy stores all year round besides every item that her buddy was given on her birthday the month before. Definitely, possibly a couple or so of such items are going Read More

3 Things You Can’t Afford To Be Frugal With in the Restaurant Business

You’re bound to come across a stat, which says that “90% of restaurants fail within the first 12 months” if you browse the Internet for enough time. Luckily for all of us, that stat is made up. That doesn’t mean that opening a restaurant is easy. In fact, almost 20% of people close their restaurants after the first year. As the years go by, the percentage of closed restaurants increases. After the first five years, Read More

Making the Shift to a Frugal Mindset

When you think of frugal living, what comes to mind? For many people, frugal means denying yourself pleasure. Maybe there’s a reward in the end, but it’s either the absence of something like debt or it’s so far down the road that it seems impossible to reach. Although many people who think of themselves as frugal might approach it in this way, this is not a sustainable way of life. Instead, think of frugal living Read More

5 Good and Bad Ways to Spend Your Money

Money and savings are topics everyone thinks about often. We need money to live a quality life. We need savings in case of an emergency and to retire. Everyone only has so much money. How do we make sure we are spending it in the best ways possible? Below are some pointers on both good and poor money choices. Good Choices Stocks Stocks are a great way to grow your money. Having an advisor can Read More

The Best Times to Shop for Your Favorite Items

Bargain shopping might not sound glamorous to everyone, but saving money is appealing regardless of who you are. Purchasing items at certain times of the year can really make the difference in your wallet. There will always be times when we will need a new laptop, clothing, or even a new car, but that does not mean that buying full-price items are going to give you the best quality. Throughout the year, there are times Read More