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Simple Ways Big Families Can Save Money On Laundry

This post was written by me as a paid partner of the Purex® brand. However, all opinions are 100% my own.

I moved out when I was just a teenager and I learned very early on how unprepared I was for the real world. I had to learn a lot of those simple daily tasks through trial and error because I was never taught them growing up. I remember the first time I attempted to use a dishwasher and flooded the kitchen floor within ten minutes, not realizing there was a difference between dish soap and dishwasher soap! As a mother of four, I try my best to make sure my children are actively participating in daily chores so that they are prepared to care for themselves when they are adults. One task that I am adamant about teaching them is how to fold, sort and organize the laundry. This is a very important life skill all parents should teach their children in my honest opinion.

First step is teaching your child the basics of doing their own laundry. Ask them to check all of the pockets to ensure they are only washing clothes. Then have them load their dirty laundry into the washing machine. Make sure to explain to them the importance of not overfilling the washer with too many clothes as doing so can lead to an ineffective wash. If you are trying to be more frugal with your laundry process, make sure to wash your clothes in the quick cycle and cold water.

Something I believe many adults have learned over time is that you are probably using too much laundry detergent. Make sure to read the directions on your laundry detergent bottle and go by its recommendations. There are lots of issues that can arise if you are using too much laundry detergent such as too many suds can make it difficult to rinse and prevents an effective clean.

I also suggest using a laundry detergent that is budget friendly for big families. We love the Purex® Mountain Breeze® Liquid Laundry Detergent bottle. Not only does it smell amazing, but the container itself is very simple to use. As a family of six we always make sure to get a large bottle, this helps us to save money in the long run. I have been using the Purex® brand for years, as it is truly the clean you need at the price you want! As my blog name clearly suggests, I am a frugal lady… but I don’t believe that means you have to sacrifice quality. Purex® Mountain Breeze® detergent is tough on stains and offers a 312 ounce bottle for up to 240 loads, which makes this brand of laundry detergent a dependable clean.

Here is a quick recap on how simple and easy it is to save money on laundry when you are a big family!

Washer/dryer efficiency tips:

  • Make sure you do full loads of laundry
  • Use reusable dryer balls in the dryer to accelerate the drying process
  • Air dry clothes when possible
  • Check the filters on the washer and dryer
  • Use quick wash cycle in your washer machine
  • Wash your clothes on cold

Having a laundry schedule:

I have found that assigning a different day to do each of the kids’ laundry is best. That way we are not overwhelmed and doing a ton of laundry all at once. Plus, it is a great way to get the kids involved and teach them this very important life skill one on one.

Doing laundry for a large family doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. It’s simple… have a plan and use a quality and affordable detergent like Purex®. This brand has a wide range of products (Purex® Free & Clear®, Purex® 4-in-1 plus Oxi, Odor Stop) to meet a wide range of your needs… while always remaining affordable!

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