Your Guide For Perfect Family Trip To Thailand

It is always fun to travel with family and kids to a country like Thailand. After all, it is the Land of Smiles where children are always welcome. Thailand’s perfect weather, affordability, and a vast range of activities for kids indeed make it an excellent destination for a family holiday. However, the holiday can turn into a nightmare if not planned carefully.

All you need to do is plan ahead and look forward to a fabulous holiday without any problems. Take care of the accommodations, food, and travel and plan a well-designed itinerary keeping the children in mind.

When to visit Thailand Thailand landscape, just after the monsoons becomes lush and green, and the temperatures are comfortable. This is the right time to visit Thailand, and one must avoid April to June months when the temperatures soar. Christmas and New Year holidays are great, but it can get overcrowded and very expensive. Hence, be flexible with your trip when you decide the time for the holiday.

Fly directly to Thailand It is a great idea to get a direct flight to Thailand when traveling with children as they tend to get cranky with longer wait times at the airport and stopovers. Try to land well before your children’s bedtime, or it can get a little too much for you, especially after a long day of travel.

Packing for kids Use different packing cubes to keep everyone’s clothing sorted. Pack appropriate clothes, toiletries, electronic items, and other miscellaneous items. Generally speaking, you would need cotton shorts, swim shorts, plenty of t-shirts, sunglasses, sandals and loads of sunscreen.

What to do and see in Thailand Allow your children to adjust to the new place and the temperature and culture. It is a good idea to make them go to bed early and make the most of the morning time. Relax in the afternoon before going out in the evening. Just cover one or two places with your kids as moving around to more sites can become a lot more taxing for your children and you.

Here are some major sites of interest for families holidaying in Thailand with their children.


Start your trip with Bangkok, which is a great place for the whole family and spend a couple of nights here. Kids would love to go to the Safari World and Siam Ocean World to get access to the wild and beautiful nature. Chatuchak Weekend Market is another interesting spot for the family to explore.

Chiang Mai and Pai

Places like Chiang Mai, Pai, and surrounding areas are a favorite with families. Chiang Mai is the mountainous cultural hub that is small but boasts of lots of fun and exciting activities for the whole family. Enjoy zip-lining, trekking, rafting, and visit remote hill tribe communities. Pai is another excellent place for a family holiday and offers plenty of healthy places to eat. Make special travel plans from Chiang Mai to Pai and enjoy the cultural delights, visit the historical sites, and spend some time amidst the natural greenery.


If your family loves beaches, then head for Krabi, which is a perfect place to relax. Enjoy a family-friendly beach holiday in Thailand as you are on some of the best beaches. Take snorkeling lessons and explore the underwater world of Thailand. There is a lot more for kids like waterfalls, national parks, and even rock climbing for the older kids.

As you can see why Thailand has become a favorite destination for family holidays. There is something here for everyone and plenty of family-friendly activities to enjoy and pick from.

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