The Various Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Many people have trouble quitting smoking, with studies showing it can take dozens of attempts before some people are able to quit completely. They might stop for a few months but are soon sucked back into the addiction cycle. Smoking is associated with various health risks from high blood pressure, lung cancer, and stroke. Besides, it also affects your finances and social life. If you want to stop smoking for good, you should focus on the various benefits of kicking the habit. What is the upside of quitting smoking?

Health benefits

Everyone who smokes knows that it is terrible for their health. Within the first twenty minutes of smoking cessation, your blood pressure begins to normalize, and your heart rate stops spiking. If you can experience the benefits as soon as you quit, imagine the advantages you get from never smoking again. Not to mention that your teeth will look better; you can even get your teeth troubles sorted here in Hampton.

Normal blood pressure: Smoking increases the carbon monoxide level in your blood. Therefore, after quitting smoking, there is more oxygenated blood in your body, and the heart does not have to pump as rapidly.

Healing of damaged nerves: Smoking or using tobacco destroys nerve cells in your body. Many smokers lose their sense of smell and taste after years of smoking. But once they quit, food tastes better, and they can get their sense of smell back. 

Exercising becomes easy: A smoker’s heart usually pumps rapidly to maintain oxygen levels. Therefore, exercising can be a challenge with constant shortness of breath and fatigue. When you quit smoking, your heart can handle the demands of physical activity far more easily.

Reduced risk of long-term illnesses: The harmful substances in cigarettes increases the risk of various diseases like lung cancer, coronary heart disease, stroke, and throat cancer. Quitting smoking lowers your chances of contracting these serious long-term conditions.

Improving your physical appearance: Quitting smoking reduces wrinkles on your skin and keeps your breath fresh. You will also be avoiding a significant cause of stained teeth and gum disease. Smoking is also associated with more manageable weight loss.

Financial benefits

Being a smoker is expensive; you will spend a significant amount of cash fueling your addiction. If you calculate the cost of a pack of cigarettes and the amount you use the whole year, you can see the amount wasted. Not to mention, the price of cigarettes and tobacco are always on the rise. Moreover, cigarettes have other related costs, such as lighters and ashtrays. The money some people pay for smoking cessation medication pales into insignificance compared to the habit itself – quitting smoking will save you a considerable amount annually.

Social benefits

Smokers are often pariahs in social gatherings and family outings. Also, many restaurants, bars, and nightclubs have a policy against smoking within the premises. Therefore, smokers have a hard time attending events when they have to go out every hour to smoke. Here are the social advantages of quitting smoking:

  • You can enjoy family activities without sneaking out to smoke. It can be unpleasant to excuse yourself to quench your addiction. This can also put a strain on your relationships. Besides, you might not feel at ease bringing the smell of cigarettes into a gathering of non-smokers.
  • Nicotine addiction causes anxiety, and when you do not use tobacco, you become irritable. Quitting smoking increases your ability to control your emotions, and you will be better company to your friends and family.
  • When you stop smoking, you become a positive role model for young people. While most of them understand the consequences, they will follow the example of the adults in their lives. You do not want to inspire a young person to start using tobacco.
  • Smoking subjects your loved ones to the toxic substances you inhale. Second-hand smoke has almost the same effects as actual inhalation. When you have a habit of smoking everywhere, soon the car, your house, and clothes will smell of tobacco. Therefore, quitting saves your family from the toxins in smoke.

While smokers love the enjoyment and temporary high of a cigarette, the consequences are not worth it. Besides, the advantages of quitting outweigh the use of tobacco.

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