Your Dog Will Notice If You’re Upset and Will Try to Help

Dogs are incredibly smart and intuitive creatures and, even if they don’t fully understand what you say, they can understand how you feel. In the canine world, body language and tonality of their barking system will let a dog know how another is feeling. Thus, intelligent and agile creatures like the mini-bernedoodle are capable of telling how you feel, according to the sound of your voice and body language.

Because they are extremely loyal, they will always watch your every move, so it is not impossible for them to sense your mood. In fact, dogs are extremely receptive to the mood and attitude of their owners. They are skilled interprets of gestures and body signals, this is why they are such good companions.

Scientists can’t fully explain what is happening in the mind of the dogs

Researchers noticed that dogs can indeed react in a unique manner when they notice that their owners are crying. This is something that every dog owner can confirm if they were ever sad around their dogs. A canine companion will attempt to comfort the owner by licking his hand or sitting quietly in his proximity.

But, whether a dog can actually feel empathy, it is still a mystery to the scientific world. A study noticed that between a person that is weeping and another person that is talking or humming, the dog will choose to approach the weeping person. The researchers were surprised to find out that the choice of the dog was not just out of pure curiosity.

The humming was introduced precisely because it is unusual and might attract the attention of dogs out of curiosity. However, dogs managed to tell crying apart from humming, and ignored their curiosity. This made scientists believe that dogs are capable of feeling stronger emotions and make decisions based on these emotions.

Dogs are real experts when it comes to human behavior

Believe it or not, dogs spend their entire lives trying to figure us out. If this behavior is not that pregnant when they are pups, as their brain is still developing, once they reach adulthood they’ll spend a lot of time checking us out.

For a dog, its owner is the center of the universe and it will end up learning your behavior and gestures in no time. Even when you are not aware, your dog is watching you. This is how he will learn to figure out when you are happy or sad. So, the next time you’re feeling down and you’re noticing that your dog is trying to make you smile or offering its comfort, you’ll know why.

They will try to comfort strangers as well, not just their owners

What is amazing is that dogs showed their willingness to comfort strangers that were crying as well, not just when it came to their owners. This is what two psychologists discovered during their study. They used a number of dogs, their owners, and several strangers to see how the dogs react to various behaviors.

While it was obvious that the dogs would react to the cry of their owners, they surprisingly did the same in the case of people they’ve never met before. Although it was expected for the dogs to feel distressed when hearing someone crying, everybody expected to see them turning to their owners for comfort.

On the contrary, not only did the dogs not seek comfort, but they did the opposite of what was expected. They tried to approach the crying strangers, in a submissive manner, with the purpose of comforting them. Thus, dogs are more than capable of making the difference between happiness and sadness and offer sympathy pretty much as we humans do with each other.

This obviously suggests that dogs choose to react to sadness and are moved by displays of this feeling in humans. Besides being touched by negative feelings, dogs also display a willingness to make things better. They will put their hand on one’s lap, push them with their nozzle, lick, or even whine, in their attempt to offer comfort.

This kind of abilities makes them great for companionship and therapy

While it is true that the dog was domesticated a very long time ago, so were other animals, yet they don’t display the same understanding for human feelings. The ability of a dog to sense the way we feel made them the most desired type of pet in the world.

Not only we feel good in the company of a dog, but we also find it comforting when we are not having a good day. This is probably why dogs are such great therapy animals as well. Their ability to connect with people, to form strong bonds, and comfort those in need makes pet therapy extremely effective.

Dogs really know how to behave according to their owner’s state of mind. Of course, we are talking about balanced dogs that do not show any behavioral issues. So, if you understand the needs of your dog, most certainly it will understand you as well.

The next time you are feeling sad, don’t push your dog away

If you never believed that your dog can help when you’re feeling down, just allow it to sit next to you and you’ll see what we are talking about. Your dog will rapidly pick up your mood and will try to make things better. It will try to help by offering you a furry head you can pet.

Believe it or not, petting your dog when you’re not feeling that great can actually help. There’s something very comforting about this gesture, so don’t hesitate to do it, even if you’re feeling reluctant that it will do you any good. Allow your dog to lay its head on you or sit very close to you. The presence of this loving and warm animal will very soon make us feel much better.

The Takeaway

Dogs can chase loneliness, depression, and low self-esteem away, improving our mood and mental status. This is why dogs are such great companions for seniors or single people. Not only will their encourage their owners to socialize and go out, but they will also boost their moods and increase one’s self-confidence.

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