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YouCopia Chef’s Edition SpiceStack Review

A special thanks to YouCopia for providing me with a free product for reviewing purposes!

About the YouCopia Chef’s Edition SpiceStack

Ideal for large spice collections, the Chef’s Edition SpiceStack® organizes 30 spice bottles in the kitchen cabinet. Clever drawers lower to display labels at eye-level, so you can quickly find your spices while cooking.

  • Organizes 30 full-size or 60 half-size spice bottles
  • Includes 96 (48 printed, 48 blank) drawer labels
  • Non-skid feet hold unit securely in place
  • No assembly required, units are stackable

My Review

I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of times I have sworn I was all out of a spice, so I purchase it at the grocery store, only to discover that I already had one… it was just hidden in the back of my cupboard. I actually ended up purchasing three things of ground ginger last fall for this very reason! I have reorganized my cupboards a dozen times over and can never seem to have it set up so that I can conveniently access all of my spices. Is any of this sounding familiar to you? Well let me tell you fans, the YouCopia Chef’s Edition SpiceStack has come to my rescue and no longer am I emptying out the entire content of the spice shelf trying to find a single spice. This amazing invention has made it more simple and efficient to access all of my spices without any of them blocking one another. The spice rack fits perfectly into your cupboard and when you pull the drawers out, they lay down vertically. This is especially convenient for a person, such as myself, that typically needs a stool just to see the items on the first shelf! The spice rack also fits spice containers of all sizes, making it my new favorite kitchen item! The YouCopia Chef’s Edition SpiceStack has really made cooking a breeze, as I always have access to my most favorite spices! This is a must have product and I recommend it 100%, I guarantee you will love this just as much as I do!

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2 thoughts on “YouCopia Chef’s Edition SpiceStack Review

  1. OMG I totally need one of these. We have such chaos with our spices. Rather than even try to look for what we need it is often easier to just purchase more – which adds to the total chaos. This is totally going to be on my Christmas List! I never have a list but this year – I clearly will. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am in dire need of something just like this! I too suffer from 3 separate containers of the same 5 spices in my cupboard simply because I can’t find them when I need them! Thanks for sharing YouCopia…I’m loving these spice racks!

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