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Creation Source: Personalized Memory Ring Review

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Creation Source brings life to your everyday accessories and tools. Begin expressing yourself like never before possible!

There’s nothing like an item customized especially for you. Creation Source allows you to carry the pictures you love with you all the time!

Creation Source products can be customized for:

Custom rings

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My Review

Our family went on some really great adventures this summer and visited so many amazing places. My children truly enjoyed all of the memories we made together this summer, so it only seemed fitting that those would be the moments I would choose for my memory ring. I gathered eight pictures that showed my children enjoying a day at the water park, my son celebrating his birthday at a beautiful park, the kids waving their flags in a parade, and them both smiling after a fun filled day at the zoo. Those are the moments, the adventures, the laughs and the memories that helped them to grow and learn. Those are memories that I can look down at my hand and reflect on as a gaze at this gorgeous memory ring. Those wonderful children of mine just keep getting bigger every day and are growing faster than I can keep up. Having those special moments preserved in something that I can always have close to me is just so amazing and special. Not to mention, its like the ultimate memorabilia that I will have no problem showing off to anyone that glances at it! The ring fits so comfortably around my finger and it makes me smile every time I see one of my children’s smiling faces looking up at me! The personalized memory ring is such a rare and unique item and would make an excellent Christmas gift for that special family member in your life!


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