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Will You Be Attending Walker Stalker Con Atlanta 2015?

Will You Be Attending Walker Stalker Con Atlanta 2015?

I have been a long fanatic of The Walking Dead since it first came out and have been watching it religiously every since. I have re-watched the series a handful of times the past few years and let me tell you, this show just never gets old. So when I discovered that there was an entire event dedicated to my favorite show right in Atlanta, there was no doubt that I would be attending! Walker Stalker Con Atlanta 2015 takes place October 30th, 31st & November 1st. at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Walker Stalker Con is the fruit of The Walker Stalkers Podcast with James & Eric. The podcast began with an amazing trip to Senoia, GA where James & Eric were able to view the set of The Walking Dead and meet the incredible actors from the show. As a result of this experience, a podcast began and then the idea of a convention focused around recreating that same experience with the cast and crew of the show, along with talented actors and artists from other zombie shows, movies and art. Walker Stalker Con is not just a convention. It is a fan meet-up and an opportunity for each guest to come away feeling like they’ve had an amazing experience and became part of a greater community of zombie lovers! Walker Stalker Con is three days of events, panels, and experiences that zombie fans won’t find anywhere else!

So fellow TWD fans, here is what you have to look forward to seeing (other than my fantastic self) at this years Walker Stalked Con Atlanta!

Have the opportunity to personally meet your favorite celebrities. With exclusive panels, celebrity photo ops, events and so much more, you’ll have the experience of a lifetime! Immerse yourself in the world of walkers. With dozens of cosplayers & walkers roaming the event floor, you’ll be sure you create amazing memories to share with your friends. Tickets are on sale now for Walker Stalker Con Atlanta! Don’t miss out! Get your tickets to Walker Stalker Con Atlanta 2015 early to avoid disappointment!


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