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Healthy Products Exclusively Curated For Your Stage of Motherhood

A special thanks to Ecocentric Mom for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with their service for free in exchange for an honest review!Healthy Products Exclusively Curated For Your Stage of Motherhood

I have made many strides over the past two years to replace the commercial items in our home with natural and safe alternatives. Cleaning supplies, bug spray, sunblock, sanitizers and more are all items I have either chosen to make myself or purchase from natural and organic companies. I feel like the market has exploded with natural and organic items and it can sometimes be difficult to narrow it down to which one is best for your family. It’s no secret that these items are more expensive. While I am willing to pay the price, the frugal side of me doesn’t want to throw away tons of money in order to find the organic and natural products we love. That is the specific reason why I am such a fanatic when it comes to subscription boxes and why I am a huge fan of ecocentric mom. Every other month they send you a fabulous box packed full of healthy, natural and organic products that are exclusively curated for your specific stage of motherhood.

Healthy Products Exclusively Curated For Your Stage of Motherhood

In this month’s ecocentric mom box I received one that was geared towards mom and baby. My baby girl was thrilled to discover there was a special little book inside for her, the perfect book for a 13 month old! I am already a huge fan of NeatCheeks, which are face cleaning wipes that contain stevia. All three of my children have always disliked getting their faces cleaned, this is the perfect solution because the wipes taste good and your child will actually look forward to having their face cleaned. A perfectly natural and safe solution for a problem moms having been having for many years. There were two items that I was especially excited about and that was the Hue nail polish and the one month of free Pilates from PilatesAnytime. The Nail polish was very pigmented, a gorgeous shade and lasted awhile without needing to be reapplied. Pilates is my favorite style of workout so I was pretty happy about receiving a voucher for a three month of PilatesAnytime! Many moms such as myself don’t have the time or resources to visit a gym each day, so accessing this service from home is ideal and something I am really looking forward to utilizing.

Healthy Products Exclusively Curated For Your Stage of Motherhood

As mentioned previously I have replaced all of our household products with natural and organic ones, but am always on the hunt for great products! Having the laundry powder sample in the box allowed me to try out a brand I have not yet heard of, and I was quite pleased with the product! Then there was the bottle of facial toner, very exciting! I cringe at the thought of the chemicals they put in many beauty products. This thyme facial toner is great and I have truly enjoyed using it each week, and it’s wonderful knowing I am not exposing my skin to harsh chemicals and ingredients. Lastly were the two food products, I would love to tell you how yummy the popcorn was… but my children devoured it before I could get a hold of a single piece… but I believe that tells you enough about how good the popcorn is. The spices on the other hand were all mine to experiment with. I can’t begin to tell you how many spices have gone to waste because we purchased them thinking they would be good and end up not being so great. These samples were more than enough to test out on several meals and decide whether you like them. Overall another fabulous box full of goodies, there was not a single item I did not love.

Healthy Products Exclusively Curated For Your Stage of Motherhood

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