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Why Your Side Hustle Needs A Website

If you already have some marketing resources, such as documents that you send out, you can use these to help you decide what content to put on your website. You can learn how to convert pdf to docx so you can get at content in PDFs and copy it to your site. 

Get Found

Most shoppers start their shopping process by searching online and this step in the process is where your side hustle can stand out. 

Most shopping searches happen on Google, Bing, and other search engines, rather than on an online marketplace like Amazon. This is good news for independent sellers, as long as you know how to get your website to rank well in search results. 

If you provide local services or goods, a website is needed. This site will need to be optimized for fast and easy-to-navigate mobile use. This is because a huge amount of ‘near me’ searches happen on mobile devices while customers are out and about. If they’re going to find you when they’re ready to buy, it will almost certainly come through your website and SEO.

Establish Credibility

To buy from you, your customer needs to trust you. A website can be used to build trust. A good website gives visitors the information that they need to make decisions, such as product or service details, testimonials, awards, purchase and refund policies, contact information, and more. 

A business without a website seems untrustworthy or unprofessional. Not having a website makes customers question your business savvy. You can’t appear to be a serious business if you don’t have a website, because it is such a basic customer service tool. 

Build Your List

When business owners talk about their list, they are almost always talking about their email list. This is the group of customers or potential customers who have opted into getting newsletters, promotions, and offers from you. There’s real value in building your list. 

Put a sign-up form on your website and create an autoresponse email to welcome new sign-us. When you’re ready to tell your list about sales or new products, all you need to is write the email and hit send. 

Sell Direct

Do you sell products through your side hustle that you can deliver digitally or ship easily? Do you sell services that people outside of your immediate area can use? If you do, a website can help to grow the potential customer pool for your side hustle well beyond your hometown. Set up an eCommerce website and create a portfolio site for your services. You’ll also have more control over your sales if you sell directly.

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