Why Travelling Abroad With Friends Is Great

Travel not only broadens the mind and softens the soul, but it can also forge friendships that will last a lifetime. Indeed, there can be few experiences that bind you closer together as friends as travelling together and you’ll undoubtedly end up with an endless supply of memories (and inside jokes). There are certainly benefits to travelling alone (getting to do what you want to do when you want to do it with our compromise) but for our money, travelling is meant to be done together, not apart.

So, why is travelling abroad with friends so much better than exploring the world on your lonesome?

The relationships – Not only will travelling with your friends help deepen your relationships with them but it will also help you to make more friends too. You’re more likely to have to confidence to approach new people if you have a good friend by your side, after all.

Savings – At every stage of your journey, you’ll save a small fortune with somebody to share the financial load. From hotel costs to travel expenses and even food and drink, having somebody to split the bill is always welcome. You can even save on your way to the airport by investing in a web duo ticket, so you can start as you mean to go on!

Safety in numbers – If you’re going to be travelling to some pretty exotic and far-flung locations then it always pays to have somebody in your corner. When you’re travelling, friends become family and it’s always comforting to have a family to take care of you when you’re in unfamiliar surroundings. Not only that, but thieves and vagabonds are far less likely to pick on a group than an individual.

Picture perfect – Selfies are all well and good but they can rarely capture the full essence of a place. Having a friend or two with you means you’ll be able to take more pictures and be in more of them too. Speaking of which, there’s also the added bonus of being able to split supplies, which can be particularly helpful on backpacking holidays.

The journey over the destination – Travel can be incredible but the actual act of travelling can be very tedious. You’re far more likely to enjoy a 10-hour layover in a Vietnamese airport if you have somebody to chill out with and share stories with. Because if you’re on your own, those long flights and train journeys can seem to drag on forever.

Perspective – Finally, travelling with friends means you’ll not only get that extra push to try new things but they will be able to offer a different perspective on everything you see together. You’ll try things because of them and they’ll try things because of you and the result will be a trip that neither of you could experience alone.

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