Why Recognition Makes Employees Feel Valued & Respected

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Why Recognition Makes Employees Feel Valued & Respected

You know that feeling you get when the boss pulls you aside and informs you of your excellent work? You smile a bit brighter that day, walk a bit taller, and feel as if all your hard work truly is paying off. Recognition can be a very powerful source of motivation in the workplace, recognition makes employees feel valued and respected. That person is much more likely to achieve when given recognition. Studies actually show that when an employee is rewarded for a job well done, their performance levels skyrocket! Even greater news, 81% of employees have expressed that they work harder when their boss shows them appreciation for their work.

Why Recognition Makes Employees Feel Valued & Respected

We have all worked those jobs that we dreaded and dragged our feet to each morning. Everyone has experienced a job where it felt that all your hard work and effort was for nothing. There was no recognition for the extra hours your were putting in or a boss to give a simple gesture that you were doing a pretty fantastic job. I believe that there are quite a few companies out there there need to put more time and energy into show their employees how important they actually are. Seventy-five percent of CEOs at small businesses believe recognition increases productivity. Recognition is also considered the best lever to improve quality of life at work for a great majority of employees. You mus be thinking to yourself, “But what’s the best way to spotlight the hard work of others?” In the corporate world, a successful recognition program depends on whether the rewards make the employees feel valued and respected for what they do. Regardless of the work setting, the best and most successful programs out their offer customizable rewards that cater to individual needs and interests of their employees. Sodexo is a worldwide leader in Quality of Life Services and they strongly believe that in order to create value, businesses and society as a whole must make people’s well-being a priority. If you are looking for a great company to help you get started on a corporate recognition program, I highly recommend you visit the Sodexo website!


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