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How To Create A Happy Home For Your Baby


Something I learned a long time ago with my first baby is that their mood is very much effected by the atmosphere in the home. While there are many variables I can not always control (such as other siblings in the home) there are still many ways we can create a happy home for our baby. Whether they are feeling overstimulated, cold, or scared, it’s always important to pay attention to our baby’s ques for the best results. Each and every baby is unique and what works for one, may not necessarily work for the other… so please keep that in mind! Here are a few helpful tips on the best way to keep your baby feeling happy, safe and secure while at home… for the most part that is, hehe!

Tip #1: Unplug For The Internet


There are some days where I become frustrated because I have so much to do but the only place my baby seems to want to be is in my arms. I remind myself that they are only this little for such a short period of time and my work can get done later… I can watch my favorite show in the evening… the laundry doesn’t need to be done and my baby just needs me at this moment… and that is OK! Unplug your laptop and shut it down, turn off your cell phone, shut off the television and create some quite bonding time for you and baby. If you have older children, take this time to find a quite game to play together (technology free one of course) and just spend that time doing what makes your baby happy. There will be days when they are so busy playing they don’t bother you for anything but food, but on the days that they need your undivided attention, give it to them. There is no technology out there that is more important then creating those special memories with your baby.

Tip #2: Let The Stress Melt Away & Just Laugh

Babies can sense your mood and when you are feeling sad, upset or grumpy, your baby is going to be effected by that. We all have bad days and that is completely understandable, but your baby doesn’t yet understand that. So stop… take a deep breathe… and just let all that go for a moment. Spend a little time forgetting about your troubles and find something that makes you both laugh. Play a silly game, turn on some music and have a dance party, or make a fun snack together. Just spend some time doing things that make you laugh and smile so baby doesn’t feel the stress.

Tip #3: Get Out Of The House For A Bit

If you find that you are frustrated and grumpy and there is absolutely nothing is going your way, then stop everything you are doing and leave! Quickly pack baby’s bag and get some fresh air. If being at home isn’t making you happy then it’s time for a change in scenery. Get a coffee, visit a local park, get a bite to eat, drive around while baby naps in their seat… don’t think about it, just do it! There have been so many times where the kids are all fighting, baby is crying, I am stressed out and I simply drop everything I am doing and make everyone get in the car. We pick a place to go and just spend some much needed time getting out of the house and recharging. We always come back home feeling like new people and suddenly, our home is a happy place again now that everyone’s attitudes have changed.

Capture2Tip #4: Provide Baby With A Wholesome Meal Before Nap

Settling baby down for a nap after they have enjoyed a warm bottle is one way to help them be more happy at home. Did you know that Gerber recently decided to make all of their Good Start® formulas without the use of genetically engineered ingredients because that is what a significant number of parents wanted? They were fully aware of their consumers feedback about the importance of providing formulas that are non-GMO… so they made the leap and listened! Gerber offers non-GMO products to moms with a wide variety of needs; those who want base product, those who supplement with breast milk, those with babies who need a soy formula, those who have babies with tolerance issues, etc. I hope that these tips were useful to you and can help guide you in making a happy home for your baby!

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