Why Air Purifiers Help To Reduce Stress And Improve Health

Why Air Purifiers Help To Reduce Stress And Improve HealthIt’s easy to guess how air purifiers can help to improve human health. By purifying the air we breathe, these devices can help to protect our respiratory organs from contaminants, which in turn prevents vascular ailments, which in turn keeps our bodies healthy. 

However, the health benefits of air purifiers is much more complicated than many people think. Clean air may not seem like much, but if you consider the amount of contaminants, allergens and pollutants that float around in the air, the role that air purifiers play in keeping the body healthy becomes even more important.

So here’s a brief summary of how air purifiers can help keep us healthy. 

Air Purifiers Can Reduce Stress 

Let’s start with something simple: Stress reduction. Air purifiers are certainly designed to make our homes comfortable, and that feature alone leads to stress reduction. 

Aside from filtering out dirt and pollutants, air purifiers can be used to control air temperature and keep it clean and sweet smelling.

For people who have trouble keeping their homes neat and clean, this is a tremendous advantage, as clean, cool air can have a calming effect on the body, thus reducing stress and other similar problems.

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Air Purifiers Protect People From Air Pollution 

According to a 2012 World Health Organization (WHO) report, around 7 million people have died due to exposure to air pollution. This estimate helps to highlight health risks posed by air pollution to ordinary people, particularly those who have respiratory conditions, or those who live close to highly polluted areas.

As air purifiers are designed to purify air, it goes without saying that they are quite good at keeping air pollutants out of your home. This seemingly simple feature is one of the ways that they can help people stay healthy.

If nothing else, they ensure that you won’t have to worry about air pollution while you live in your own house, and that certainly helps to reduce most people’s stress levels. 

Air Purifiers Eliminate Indoor Air Contaminants

Air pollution consist of more than just fumes from passing cars or dirty air in general, it can also come from various indoor sources. In certain cases, they can even come from seemingly simple items. 

For example, harmful chemicals, such as sulphur dioxide, nitrous oxide, ozone and many others can come from all kinds of indoor materials, including wood smoke, incense sticks, pesticides, cleaning agents and even tobacco products.

In certain cases, the contaminants may even come from seemingly innocuous sources, such as electronics for example. 

Air purifiers can eliminate these types contaminants from floating in your home, regardless of their source. More importantly, they can also eliminate harmful elements, such as airborne chemicals from spreading.

So with regards to indoor air contaminants, an air purifier offers numerous benefits. 

Air Purifiers Can Eliminate Allergens

Allergens can come from a wide variety of sources, including dust mites, roaches, pollen, fungi and even household pets.

Also, if you live close to a dirty area that is frequented by all kinds of pests and animals then some of the allergens from outside might make their way into your home, thus increasing the health hazards within. 

Air purifiers can remove these allergens, thus protecting you and your family from the risk of allergic reactions. In fact, most air purifiers have filtration systems which are designed to absorb the worst types of allergens or source of allergens, so as to better protect people. 

Also, because allergens can also increase stress levels, they can also help allergic people relax in their own homes not only by preventing allergic reactions, but also by preventing sudden increases in blood pressure which result from having allergies.

So if you or your family have allergies then an air purifier may help to reduce the problem. 

How Air Purifiers Can Keep You Healthy

Air purifiers keep people healthy by keeping indoor air quality clean. This is done through three simple ways: 

  • They increase air flow to maintain adequate ventilation
  • They can filter out a wide range of particles
  • They exclude outside pollutants
  • These features are possible because air purifiers have the following components: 
  • Prefilters
  • Carbon filters
  • Antibacterial filters
  • HEPA filters

Of these four components HEPA filters are perhaps the most important. Not only do they have a standardized 99.97% efficiency rating at removing particles greater than 0.3μm in diameter, they can also improve the general ambience of your home. 

This is not to say that the other filters are not important. All air purification filters exist for a reason, and an air purifier that can effectively remove all of the pollutants in a particular home are tremendously important for people who vascular problems. 

How Air Purifiers Can Improve Your Vascular Health 

Exposure to particulate matter often leads to higher risks of cardiovascular problems as well as oxidative stress and endothelial dysfunction. By eliminating or at least radically reducing the amount of foreign particulate matter I your home, air purifiers are able to keep you and your lungs healthy, this can be great for people with asthma.

In fact, in some studies, air filters are measured to reduce indoor “fine particle concentrations” by around 60%, which supports the hypothesis that cardiovascular health can be improved using a simple set of air purifiers. 

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that air purification filters are also associated with decreases in systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure, which means that not only can they keep you healthy, they can also reduce your stress levels. 


Air purifiers don’t just exist to keep us comfortable. They can also help keep us healthy, and this one benefit alone is the best reason why you should buy an air purifier for your own home.

So if you have health or stress related problems then go buy an air purifier, preferably with a comprehensive set of filters. Your health and stress levels will benefit from the investment tremendously. 

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14 thoughts on “Why Air Purifiers Help To Reduce Stress And Improve Health

  1. Great read! My allergic rhinitis used to get really bad especially when the weather was changing. An air purifier has really helped in controlling my attacks.

  2. Heather, This is a very detailed article which clears basic doubts on air purification system. It’s really good. I live in India and here air pollution issue is getting worse in every sense. Constantly increasing population with lesser infrastructure makes life much difficult here. Out of 20 cities in the world with PM 2.5 level, there are probably 7-8 are from India. I started doing my own research on best possible natural way of reducing air pollution and also recommending people on products which might help in India. I will be stay tuned in your page to know more in future course of time. Thanks much for sharing with the community !

  3. The article was really helpful for me. I have learned something new from you! Thanks for sharing these tips with us! But, I have a question. How many days after I should change the filter? I’m changing it after every three months. What everyone thinks? Am I doing wrong?

  4. My sister-in-law suffers from allergies and tends to get sick during the springtime from all of the pollen in the air. It was interesting to read that air purifiers can help remove allergens in the air to help reduce the risk of allergic reactions. Since my sister-in-law is a whimsical person and loves to dance, she’ll probably want to get some type of HEPA filter to prevent any type of reactions and allow her to dance her heart out.

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  6. Till now a lot of brands has been available in the market who launched a number of air purifier with different specifications. But Honeywell True Hepa Allergen Air purifier has no match in terms of amazing & appealing features. From the start of this article to the last word, today we are going to review different aspects of these products.

  7. Air purifiers can refresh stale air, reducing the chances of health issues caused by indoor pollutants, which can trigger respiratory infections, neurological problems, or aggravate symptoms in asthma sufferers. Quality air purifiers eliminate several types of indoor air pollutants, keeping us healthy.

  8. Hi, thanks for sharing this wonderful information. I think having an air purifier at home is one of the easiest and the best solution for dealing with bad smells, smoke, and allergies in the air around us at home. I use H13 Medical-grade HEPA filter and activated carbon filter for killing germs, bacteria, and smoke. I felt a significant difference in air quality after I install the air purifier.

  9. Studies have shown that air pollutants (whether indoor our outdoors) increase your stress level. When air purifiers clean the air and remove toxins from it, they are also playing a major role in reducing your stress level, and maintaining a healthy mental health.

  10. I have been using a purifier for the past 2 years and it has really helped me in many ways. I am very happy that I made this decision to purchase one because my health is greatly improved, my anxiety levels are much lower and there’s no longer any need for me to use allergy medication. It works wonders!

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