When You Need To Chase Down Your Hired Legal Advisor

The scenario could be that the hired legal advisor was giving information to the other side. It could be that they owe you back money as they charged you too much for their services which they did not deliver on. It could be any reason at all, but chasing anyone down is going to be hard work. Especially when it comes to a legal advisor that may travel around, not have a central office but is instead working freelance for clients of all kinds. You can already see the picture, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. There are millions of ‘legals’ out there and they could be undertaking any job at all. They could be anywhere. So here is how to find the person who owes you.

Your first contact

Think back to how you made your first contact. You must have looked at their website, their LinkedIn profile, or perhaps found them from a freelance website. There are any number of ways they could have been contacted. You may have sent them an email, a text, or perhaps a message on social media. Go through your old communications and see to which line of contact they responded to. 

Your last contact

You may be able to find their most recent contact with you. If they left their location on, i.e. via social media you can see exactly where they are. On Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter posts, if the account user has left the location service on, you can see at the bottom of their post what city or country they are in. it’s so simple yet so many of us forget to turn this off if we want privacy. Has the person you are looking for made this mistake?

Use a professional

Even if you do locate where they are, are you going to be doing the footwork? Chances are, you won’t. You have too much to do and not enough time to chase someone down, who is obviously running from you. Use skip tracing tools which can find you accurate dates, numbers, addresses and even their phone type. You can search for their name, date of birth, SSN and home or professional address using this large scale database or perhaps using online databases. 

Meet them face to face

If you know where they are, just go and talk to them. It might be a simple case of turning up at their office announced so they can’t fein they are going on a lunch break. Then when you are there, make your point bluntly and make it fast. They might try to use some conversational tricks and try to ‘talk and walk’ as they look around for an escape route. Tell them you will take legal action or go to the press about their brand or their behavior and leave no doubt you mean business.

Chasing down someone who owes you money or lied to you, will take focus of mind. Don’t think the chase is too hard and give up what you are supposed to be entitled to.

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