Traveling With Child as Divorced Parent: 10 Things To Remember

Traveling with a child requires thorough preparation. If you are a divorced parent, you will have twice more arrangements to make to guarantee a pleasant journey for your kid. Here are some useful tips on handling situations when a minor traveling with one parent and everyone is happy with the outcomes.

Care about Safety

In the time of pandemics, safety is the top priority for travelers. Even more, when you are traveling with kids, their safety is to be your primary concern. The thing is that adults are at least vaccinated and protected from the virus to a certain extent. With no possibility of gaining such a defense, children are in the high-risk group when traveling either within your state or abroad. 

So, what you need to do is to keep up to date with the ongoing pandemic situation in your destination and stick to the relevant health safety rules to protect both yourself and your kids. You’d better opt for a trip, where you can avoid crowded places and increased social interactions, but go to rejoin with nature instead, for example. 

Schedule Your Trip

As divorced parents, you should have your custodial plan and stick to it. Once you get divorce papers online and are sure that you will end your marriage, you have some visions on how to care about your kids together even when you are divorced. When your visions are documented, you are to include free time spending and traveling there as well. 

So, if you intend to take your kids on a trip, it is essential to act according to your agreement. Most divorced parents take turns to spend holidays and vacations with their children. Get sure your intentions fit the schedule. If you plan the trip on the dates assigned to your ex, try to negotiate it peacefully to swap the dates to implement your wishes. 

Discuss Everything with Your Spouse

Either you are a custodial parent moving out of state or a divorcee planning to take your child on a trip abroad, it is better to discuss everything with your spouse in advance. If you come to terms with your ex about what is preferred for your kids, you will have a peaceful trip while your ex will also save their nerves. Additionally, your former partner may know more about your children’s preferences and help you arrange a perfect vacation for you and your kids. 

Check Out the Local Law

Every state has special requirements when it comes to a minor traveling with one parent. So, it is essential to research the local legislature. Apart from permission, you should attain from your ex; you may need to bring a list of docs and copies with you and fill out several forms before going on a trip with your kid. You can download the necessary docs list and forms from the reliable divorce platform or visit the local family law clerk’s office to get assistance there.

Domestic vs. International Travel

There is a significant difference between going on a trip within a state, leaving a state, or going abroad. In the first case, you usually don’t need any special docs but an awareness of your partner about your plans and your location. When traveling out of state, you may need the written permission of another parent and proof of your rights for the kid. At the same time, international travel requires your kid to have personal identification, permission to travel abroad, medical docs, and more. The list of docs may differ not only according to your state of residence but your destination as well.

Prepare the Docs

Once you know that there is more than permission to travel with child you need to get, it is wise to prepare the docs in advance. Get a list of required travel papers in an authoritative source and gather them as soon as possible. You can fill out the forms on your own, involve your ex to help you, or get professional assistance. Organize your docs in a neat file and check everything several times so that the absence of a piece of paper doesn’t spoil your perfect vacation with kids. 

Carry Extra Copies

In a case when a child traveling with one parent, you have to be ready for everything. From proving that you are not kidnapping your child to displaying the verification of the health state of your kid. So, it is advised to carry extra copies of every document in different pockets. So if some docs get lost or ruined, you can easily prove your identity or rights with a spare set of papers. 

Arrange Fun for Everyone

Apart from the legal part you should get prepared with, it is also a fun time you need to arrange. Mind that an interesting trip for you may turn out to be a boring time waste for your children. Try to plan travel where there are great leisure possibilities both for you and your kids. It is also great if there are some activities for you to cooperate while others are for you to spend time apart so that everyone is pleased and relaxed through the journey. 

Hear Your Children

If you are stuck and cannot come up with a suitable travel idea, don’t go to the top popular options on the Internet. Just ask your children what they prefer for your mutual vacation. Your kids will be pleased that you value their opinion, and you will get the winning idea for your perfect trip.

Involve Professionals

If you have trouble getting parental approval for minor to travel or face difficulties with any other travel arrangements, don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Family attorney, travel consultant, booking service, or an experienced single traveling parent, any expert will be there for you to create a perfect trip for you and your children. 

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