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When Timing is Everything: Online Shopping the Simply Smart Way

When Timing is Everything: Online Shopping the Simply Smart Way

Timing is everything. That is true when it comes to love, career, and shopping. There are two kinds of consumers, those who spend money needlessly and those who are great at finding deals and opportunities to save. Here are a few ways to become more like the latter so you never have to spend the amount of money of those in the former group.

Clear Your Browser History and Sign Out

Most retailers retain your cookies in an attempt to retarget consumers who do not buy upon the first site visit. However signing out of your Google, Yahoo, or other accounts will give you opportunity of seeing prices that may be locally or individually customized. Those who travel a lot do this to see if they get a better price on flights, hotels, etc. Rather than get confronted by a biased price, switch your browser to incognito mode so a website does not know who you are.

Look for Patterns Associated to Days of the Week

Depending on your sought service or product, you may find prices vary according to the day of the week. For that matter, you may also want to check back several times throughout the day to see if price fluctuates. This may not be as likely when shopping for something like a DVD player, but will play a greater role when it comes to booking a flight or a hotel room. Of course, if you’re a big advocate of a particular brand, you’ll want to sign-up for their newsletter.

Sign-Up for Newsletters and Alerts

In an age when most people try and decrease the number of emails received, you’ll find that some are well worth opening. If you’re a regular customer of a particular brand, it’s smart to sign-up to receive email alerts. Emails may include information about the brand along with coupons and promotional codes. Pay attention when making your purchase; you may be able to use a special promo code along with a sitewide coupon for extra savings.

Be Proactive in Fielding Promo Codes and Coupons

Signing up for a newsletter is not the only way to receive promo codes and coupons. Be proactive and search online for codes and savings. Get a paytm promo code in order to pay a present bill or save money on sought product or service. Particular brands may issue codes as part of an affiliate partnership or to spread awareness about new goods and services.

Use Shopping Search Engines that Reveal the Lowest Price

Particular online search engines help consumers compare prices on goods and services. For example, the manufacturer’s website may not be the cheapest place to purchase a sought good. An affiliate or other online store carrying the product may be having a sale. Why pay more money for the same product? Make it a habit to use comparison search engines so you don’t have to accept the first price you see. When shopping offline, you can use particular apps and smart phone tools to reveal the online site and price of sought items.

Luca Quinn is a Mom on a budget. She finds that being frugal on the everyday purchased mean she can be splurge a little come the holidays. She writes about saving money for lifestyle and personal finance blogs.


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