Wheel of Fortune Sweepstakes

Wheel of Fortune has a good variety of sweepstakes to be a part of. These are normally seasonal, but they do fit with what tends to be a trend that occurs throughout the year. It should be worth noting that most of Wheel of Fortune sweepstakes relate to Disney because Wheel of Fortune tends to air on some ABC channels, which are part of The Walt Disney Company. The year that will be used as an example will be 2018.

Sea and Shore Giveaway: Five giveaways for a family of four can join the Disney Cruise Line.

Swiss Holiday Giveaway: Contestants can win an 8-day vacation to enjoy both Switzerland, Austria as well as Bavaria with the help of Collette.

Family Vacation Giveaway II: Up to five viewers of the show can enjoy the fun of going to the Walt Disney World Resort.

Big Money Giveaway: Viewers have the chance to earn the same amount of money that the contestants on television got to win, especially if it’s Big Money!

Family Vacation Giveaway III: This was another chance for 5 lucky winners to get the same kind of family vacation prizes that were given away in the second giveaway.

Greater Palm Springs Giveaway: This vacation lets 5 winners go to a tennis-themed vacation.

Home Sweet Home Giveaway: Viewers can have a chance to win a new home, located in the Latitude Margaritaville 55-or-better community as provided by Minto.

Secret Santa Holiday Giveaway: In preparation for Christmas, viewers can win the same prizes that the contestants got to win, from dream vacations to a brand new car that was presented in the show, and a great amount of cash, especially at a large amount that can go past $357K!

Sunny Portugal Giveaway: To kick off the next year, viewers can have the chance to win a tour to go to Portugal, once again with the assistance of Collette.

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