What You Ought To Know About Mixbook

Photos serve as constant reminders of the past days and important memories while also improving the decoration of your home or office using custom designs suitable for every occasion. Mixbook is an ideal photo book maker that allows you to customize your photos in different shapes, sizes, designs, and textures depending on your fashion, tastes, and preferences. 

About Mixbook

Mixbook is an online platform that allows you to create and share photo books, calendars, and home decors for free. The platform provides direct access to trendy designs and an editor that effectively creates exclusive designs that tell your story with a unique touch.

Available Products

  • Custom photo cards- the platform allows you to select a photo card from the available collection of colors, sizes, and shapes to meet diverse fashion tastes and preferences for as low as $0.69. There is a comprehensive collection of themes that are ideal for different occasions.
  • Poster Prints- You can use Mixbook to create customized large photo prints to add taste to your interior home or office décor via three simple steps that do not require special expertise. For $7.99, you can get exceptional print quality, customized design, and professionally finished poster prints.
  • Photo Books- The photobook available on Mixbook is ideal for different occasions. You can choose to get different types of paper for your photobook. The Mixbook photo books are also available in landscape, square, and portrait photo books making it ideal for different photo sizes. You can get a Mixbook photo book for as low as $15.99.
  • Designs by Martha Stewart- Martha Stewart is a legend in the creation of exclusive designs. The models are built to help you collect and store memories from different occasions. The Martha Stewart Collection for Mixbook is compatible with the Mixbook software allowing you to change fonts, add photos, and make customizations to the available templates.
  • Canvas Prints- Mixbook allows you to transform your pictures into exclusive pieces of art. All you need to do is the uploading, adding a little tweak, and eventually hanging the canvas. You can effectively create different formats and sizes of canvases that are thoughtfully crafted for as low as $49.99.
  • Acrylic Prints- The online Mixbook platform allows you to create prints with great clarity and high-end gallery-style art and quality that accentuates interior décor for $14.99. You need to upload, tweak, and impress your photo to create a high-quality acrylic print. The acrylic prints are available in different sizes and formats ideal for your fashion, tastes, and preferences.
  • Metal prints- Metal prints are ideal for making your interior décor more attractive using metal prints that are of different sizes and formats for as low as $19.99. The metal prints are available in various sizes and shapes that are ultra-slim and light. The Mixbook editor allows you to create customized wall art that you can also send to your friends and family.
  • Photo Calendars- The calendar can help you to plan every day of the year as you mark the significant dates. You can select from a collection of more than 100 unique themes in which you can add photos of your choosing. For as low as $24.99, you can customize your calendar to add a personal touch to your home and office.

The photos are ideal in keeping your memories safe for years on end for the entire family. Mixbook provides a platform that allows you to use your pictures in the delivery of unique décor for your home or office.

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