What To Do When Your Cats Won’t Get Along

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About 12 years ago we adopted this tiny little fur-ball that could barely walk across the room. Tiger has been with my husband and I on every journey of our lives, she graciously welcomed three kids to the family and has tolerated them to the best of her ability. However, we really pushed her limits a few years ago when we adopted a kitten… yikes, was she not happy about that one! Suddenly this adorable and snugly kitten was taking over her stomping grounds and boy was she annoyed. Thankfully they have adjusted quite well and are actually inseparable at times! I am thrilled to share with you a few tips that helped our cats to get along.

Firstly, it is very important to not introduce the cats right away. Keep your current cat enclosed in a room where they have food, water, a bed, and litter box. Allow your new cat to explore their new home, this way they can get use to the other cat’s scent. Then when it is time to let your other cat come out, make sure you lock the new cat up. Repeat this step for a few days or until you feel like they are ready to cohabitate. I have found that it’s best to just let the introduction happen on the cat’s own terms, don’t make it a big deal and try and force it. Getting the cats used to each other’s scents is extremely essential. You can do this by having them share a large cat bed and scratching post.

What To Do When Your Cats Won't Get Along

Feeding them around each other is also a great tip! When cats are eating from a bowl of food, they are in a non-aggressive state.  So by feeding them together, even if it is across the room from each other, they will get used to being non-aggressive when the other cat is present. Offering your cats treats when both are calmly together can also help to reinforce good behavior.

What To Do When Your Cats Won't Get Along

Now Tiger is a timid cat and doesn’t like to be bothered unless it is under her terms. There has always been one way to her affection and that is with snacks and food. You can literally shake a cat treat bag from a different floor of the house and she will come sprinting in your direction. We used this to our advantage very often when it came to getting her comfortable around a new cat. I was so surprised how she would let the stress of a new cat in the home completely melt way when there was a bowl of food around!

What To Do When Your Cats Won't Get Along

Anytime you see your cats together, offer them some treats! They will begin to associate “treat time” with each other and feel the positive benefits of being around each other. Plus this is a really simple way to show them that they do not have to compete for food or attention.

What To Do When Your Cats Won't Get Along

These two took some time to adjust to each other, but they are now best friends and you can always find them cuddled up and napping together. I love these two with all of my heart, they bring so much love to our family and their personalities are so unique. I love sharing stories and sending family pictures of them snuggling.

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