What Inspires Me To Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

What Inspires Me To Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

We were just 20 years old when one of my good friends informed me that she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I witnessed a beautiful, happy, and strong young women with a contagious laughter transform into someone I no longer recognized in just six months. It took only six months for cancer to take my friend from this world… that was a moment in my life that I will never forget. She was someone I grew up with, played dolls with as little girl,  continued to be good friends with in high school and rented my first apartment with after graduation… how could someone so full of life be taken away so quickly? What a lesson I learned at such a young age and while my heart will ache for my loss until the end of time, her passing was what inspires me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When I think of all the moments she will miss out on, I make it a priority to stay healthy and active so I can live in her honor.

What Inspires Me To Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

So now that you know what inspires me, it’s time to share with you what I have done to make sure my health is always my number one priority. I go to the doctors regularly, I make sure to stay active by bringing the kids on hikes, I take vitamins daily, probiotics are my best friend, I consume a ridiculous amount of water each day and I know when to take a break if exhausting starts to settle in. I want to live the best day each day, so that is why I make sure my health is always a priority. A healthy mom means I can go on those crazy adventures with my kids in the park, I can bring them to the zoo for the day, I can man a road trip with all three kids on my own and see where life takes us. Climb a mountain, take that trail, explore that cave and get those hands dirty because life is too short not to!

I recently discovered the Abbott’s LIFE. TO THE FULLEST. mission, which has re-inspired me to be a better me. They are trying to find out what living fully means to you. All over the world, people have their own unique ideas about how this looks and feels, but there is one thing we share… we each want to live the best life we can! #fullosophy is your own unique way of living that gets you to your fullest, your joyfullest, your peacefullest, your hopefullest! Your #fullosophy is at the heart of who you really are and it helps you become your best possible self. How each of us gets to that place is different, it’s personal journey, but the quest to achieve the best life is what we all have in common no matter who we are, where we live or or what obstacles we may face. It’s time to take a stand and declare to the world your #fullosophy and inspire others to live!

What Inspires Me To Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Abbott is committed to helping you live fully and strive to be a happier, healthier version of yourself. This commitment is characterized in the following ways:

  • Belief that good health (in fact, the best health possible) is absolutely key to achieving your goals.
  • Constantly looking for ways to maximize your life, the lives of those around you, and the broader community.
  • Thrive: Be extraordinary in all that you do!
  • Know: Stay one step ahead for total well-being!
  • Manage: Accept no limits to your potential!

Are you ready to take the LIFE. TO THE FULLEST. quiz? I would love to know what inspires you to live your best life! Let me know in the comments below and let’s  inspire each other to live fully!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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