What Does Responsible Pet Ownership Really Mean?

Having a pet is not just about having a furry companion at your side when you’re bored or to play with when you’re in the mood. Whether we are talking about a dog, a cat, or any other kind of pet, once you decided to welcome a living being into your life, you are entirely responsible for its fate.

But, what does the concept of “responsible pet owner” means to you? Does it mean that offering food and shelter to your pet is all you need to do? Do you think that your pet needs just a full belly and somewhere warm to sleep? While some may think that this is just about it, the matter is more complex. So, regardless if you already have a pet or you seriously consider getting one, it is worth taking a look at this aspect.

Do your homework before making a decision

Unfortunately, pet shelters are quite crowded because many people didn’t realize the whole meaning of being a pet owner. A lot of people get a dog or a cat out of impulse, thinking that it is not difficult at all to have an animal around. Again, having a pet is more than just assuring it a bowl of food and water and a corner to sleep. They also require trips to the vet, vaccines, education, maintenance, attention, and much more. Thus, there are people that come to the conclusion that they don’t have what it takes to look after them. This is how animals end up abandoned on the side of the road or living secluded in a shelter. So, never make such a decision before actually seeing what it means to have a dog or a cat. See if you have the time, willingness, emotional disposition, and financial power to have a pet.

Is your monthly budget capable of taking more expenses?

While having a pet can be very rewarding from an emotional point of you, it’s not wise to disregard the financial part. Whether you want to purchase a pet from a breeder or adopt one, you will need money to take care of it. You will have to feed your pet on a daily basis; the quality of the food you provide will be reflected in your pet’s health. So, just giving it any kind of food will not solve the matter, as you may end up visiting the vet more than you would like. Besides food, your pet will also need all kinds of supplies, from items required for its hygiene, to a bed, toys, and other accessories. Let us not forget about the numerous vaccines and treatments, like de-worming, which must be made in your pet’s first year of life. Also, there might be unforeseen expenses, like boarding services if you need to leave home and vet bills if your pet suffers an accident, for example.

Do you have the time and energy for a pet?

Many people don’t realize that a pet is not an item you can have when you have the time and mood for it. This is why a high number of dogs and cats end up being home alone for most of the day. You need to be aware that pets don’t cope well with solitude and most of them will end up adopting a destructive behavior. For example, when you’ll have to deal with the affectionate and sociable Cava Chon, you can’t just expect it to be happy by itself. You have to entertain it, to make it happy.

Chewed furniture, doors and walls, destroyed shoes, pieces of what is left of your sofa pillows everywhere; these are the signs of an utterly bored pet. They are not doing all these because they are bad or want revenge. They do it because they feel lonely and extremely bored, so they find all the wrong kind of activities to entertain themselves. So, before getting a pet, you need to see if there’s room in your schedule to give it the attention and company it needs. You will also have to invest time and energy in getting it educated and properly socialized.

Take your lifestyle into consideration

If you got so far, then you most certainly want to have a pet in your life. So, if you have the time, willingness, and budget for a pet, you must now consider your lifestyle. What kind of person you have and where do you live? Are you single or have a family with children? Are you active and enjoy spending time in the outdoors or you like to take it slower? All these questions and others as well should help you find the ideal pet in your case. For example, it is not a good idea to get a Newfoundland if you live in a small flat or a Husky if you don’t like staying active and spending time in the outdoors.

Are you willing to clean after your pet?

Yes, responsible pet owners know that cleaning after their pets is the right thing to do. After all, everybody likes walking on clean alleys and enjoying clean and safe parks. So, picking up after your pet is something you must consider.


Deciding to get a pet should go beyond the excitement of having a loyal companion waiting for you at home every single day. A pet is like having a child in your care at all times. It requires care, attention, education, company, and love. Go through all the aspects presented earlier and think well if you are indeed ready to make this step.

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