Ways to Help Your Teenager Choose a Career Path

It’s never too soon to start exposing your children to the many exciting career opportunities there are out there. Yet, when your child becomes a teenager, time is of the essence. It is during their high school years that most teenagers start identifying their strengths and interests as it pertains to their future. As a parent, you can further assist your teen in making the best decision by exposing them to the endless career possibilities today. We believe that the teenagers should visit for better guidance. Here’s how:

Talk Openly About It

Mealtimes and one-on-one bonding times are the ideal times to open up to your teen about their future. While you don’t want to lecture them or start pumping ideas in their heads, having a conversation gives you an idea of what direction they’re thinking of going in. Ask them if they’ve given any thoughts to what they want to be, what colleges they might like to attend, or what they’d like to major in.

Write it Down

If your teenager has a general idea of what they want to do for a living you can further assist them by writing up a career plan. This is essentially a detailed account of everything that will be required for them to enter into the position they want. For example, if they wanted to be a lawyer, you know they’d need to obtain a bachelors degree, pass the law school admissions test (LSAT), complete law school, and pass the bar exam. 

Their career plan would essentially start with maintaining good grades in high school, choosing a college major, finding resources like the LSAT prep online to increase their chances of being accepted to law school, and finally, passing the bar. You can break this down even further by including timelines, costs, as well as long and short-term goals. Now, you and your teen have a mini roadmap on how to help them land their dream jobs.

Enroll Them in Activities

While your teenager may be too young to be an apprentice or intern, they’re not too young to participate in various activities that relate to their interests or chosen career paths. For instance, if your teen says they’re interested in art and graphic design, enrolling them in classes for teens in these categories is a great way to expose them to the possibilities available to them. It also helps them to hone in on their skills which can be instrumental in helping them to get ahead. 

Find a Mentor

Your teenager could learn a lot from a trusted mentor who presently works in the field they’re interested in pursuing. They can provide insider access to the industry, give tips, advice, and even use their network to help your teen excel in their chosen profession.


Perhaps your teenager is interested in taking the same career path as you? If this is the case, there is no better way to expose them to what it would be like than to have them shadow you. Many corporations host take your child to work day where you can bring your teen into the office and show them exactly what your position entails. You can give them some administrative tasks to complete and allow them to watch you do the more extensive work. They can ask questions and even talk with your co-workers for a diverse set of opinions and advice.

Job Fairs

Your teen may not be able to apply for a job just yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give them more exposure by taking them to a job fair. Plan for the event in advance and ensure that your teenager is dressed to impress as if they were going to apply. Then, walk around and explore the various career options there are out there. Your teen can grab reading materials and even ask available employees information about what it’s like to work in their fields, salary questions, upward movement, etc.

Schools do a great job of teaching children about subjects like reading, writing, math, and science, however, life lessons like career choices, financial management, and basic home skills, aren’t covered extensively. That’s why it’s up to the parents to provide education. Utilize the above-mentioned tips to help your teenagers tap into their potential and begin creating a plan for their future.

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