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Upgrading The Heart Of Your Home For Added Emotional And Financial Value

Upgrading The Heart Of Your Home For Added Emotional And Financial ValueHome is where the heart is. But where in the home does the heart feel most comfortable? For most families, it is the kitchen area. This is where the meals that sustain the daily living of the family are made, eaten, and provide a natural backdrop for daily conversation. The kitchen is where you’ll store the drawings of your child in the refrigerator, and it will be the place that you host pictures of your children as you raise them and as they age.

Your kitchen is a room in the house you’re sure to occupy on a daily basis. You’re not likely to always unwind in the living room on a given day, but you will always need to eat. This is why your kitchen should always be the most important area that you upgrade and remodel. It will also be the main place inside your home that can add the most value to your property if you’re considering selling at some point in the future.

Here are a few Kitchen remodeling ideas that can help you gain one of the most beautiful kitchens you can own.


The first consideration that any homeowner would certainly love to implement in their kitchen is an Aga oven. These are beautiful, retro but supremely well-designed ovens that are always on, and heat your house as a result. That might sound like insanity for someone who is used to cooking with normal kitchen implements, but an Aga is actually much more intuitive to cook on.

Due to the fact that the different compartments maintain a steady temperature at all times, you never need to worry about fine tuning the temperature. An Aga will cook your food thoroughly and hygienically, and if you need to store food the always-on nature of the oven allows you to house your meat temporarily in the ‘warming oven’ opening. Aga’s are coveted by nature, and implementing one in your property will skyrocket its value to a tremendous degree.

Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel might just give you the grounding to modernize your kitchen and fall in love with the space all over again.  A kitchen remodeling project with Pagenstecher Group can help you identify the exact theme and motif to a surgical level of precision, which will help the original kitchen area look almost unrecognizable by the time they are done. Remember, the kitchen is the heart of the home, so it’s important to go for quality.

Focused Dining Area

A simple, low-cost way of improving the utility and value of your kitchen is to implement a dining table there if there isn’t one already. Not only will your family be able to communicate with each other much more regularly, but property agents like to see communal areas in a home like this, and they will raise the value of your property accordingly. It might be more freeing for your family to eat dinner in front of the television, but it promotes an attitude of passivity when your family could benefit from engaging with each other daily in an interpersonal way. This is how a family’s culture is created.

These tips will help any kitchen become the beautiful crowning jewel in the heart and home of your family.

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