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Types of Window Film for Homes

When you’re a homeowner, you’re not only responsible in maintaining the condition of your home and everything that’s in it; you also have to make sure that your home maintains its aesthetic value. This is one way of maintaining and even increasing your property’s value over time. Additionally, having a well-decorated home also creates a positive persona of how you are as a homeowner – after all, your home will always reflect your personality. Exhaust all of your time and efforts in decorating your home, and you’ll be branded as a homeowner who’s keen to details, meticulous and organized. Do the complete opposite, and you’ll create a negative persona in the eyes of many people. If you want to decorate your home without spending too much, consider using window films. Since these come in several types, you’ll be able to find one which suits your budget and your home’s overall theme.

Every homeowner would want their homes to look good. However, because they have too much on their plate, they might not have the time and resources to actually do this on their own. If you’re a homeowner who shares the same sentiment, using window films for your home might be an appropriate solution. Companies like www.windowfilmdepot.com offer installation services for different kinds of window films such as:

  1. Insulating films: If you’re living in a state our country which is either too hot, using insulating films might be suitable. This type of window films works by reducing the heat from the sun which can result in a cooler home interior. You’ll basically enjoy cool temperature inside your home even when it’s too hot outside – all thanks to insulating films!

Because insulating films can impact the temperature inside your home, your air conditioning units won’t have to work as much. This can lead to lesser air conditioning costs and more savings.

  1. UV Blocking: The sun can provide a long list of health benefits. However, too much of it can also be harmful. The heat from the sun can even become the reason why the longevity of your valuables will drastically decrease. A UV blocking window film can help prevent all of these from happening. This type of window film can block up to 99% of UV radiation. This can eliminate heat from penetrating in your window and all of your valuables inside. A UV blocking window film can also guarantee that you’re only getting the right amount of Vitamin D.
  2. Privacy films: Both commercial and residential windows can use privacy films. This kind of window film also comes with a lot of variety. You can choose to use a privacy film which only blocks the outside view but allows the light to pass through or a privacy film which completely blocks the light from going in. The latter provides more privacy since outsiders can never see what’s inside the home or business establishment.
  3. Decorative films: Every homeowner want their homes to stand out from the neighborhood, but usually, none of them would want to use the same designs. Decorative films can give you this flexibility. Since you’ll be able to customize your own decorative film, the sky is the limit! You can choose to add flowers, swirls or even small details which accentuate your home’s architecture. When you’re using this kind of window film for your business, you can opt to use your company logo or business name as a design. Let your imagination run wild and let your windows stand out with decorative films!
  4. Safety and security: Window films don’t only improve the aesthetics of your home, it can also keep you and your family safe. Safety and security films can have a thickness of 4 millimeters to 15 millimeters. This feature can protect people from broken glass shards and hold the glass in place even when it’s already broken. This can also make the glass harder to penetrate and can protect your home against bomb blasts. This kind of window films has been used by many people for years in order to provide protection to their properties and families.
  5. One way mirror: As the name suggests, this kind of window film creates a one-way mirror effect. This means that you’ll be able to see through one side of the glass, but people from the other side will only look at a mirror finish from the window. They won’t be able to see through it, unlike what you can do in the other side. Although this window type is commonly used in business establishments, you can still utilize this in your home especially if you have sliding glass doors.
  6. Anti-graffiti: When you’re living in a busy neighborhood, graffiti can be a nuisance. You’ll be frustrated once you’ll see your home’s walls full of these markings days after having it painted. The solution? Anti-graffiti window films. This type of films works as a protective barrier to different kinds of surfaces such as glass, stone, and steel from being damaged by acid etching, carving damaged and scratching. Anti-graffiti window films can absorb all of these damages so your home can be clean and smooth all the time!
  7. Dyed films: Dyed films allow you to “dye” your window with any color without damaging the window. With dyed films, you’ll have the leverage of choosing any color and enjoy a window which has a low reflective surface. If you’re not a fan of other window films which are highly reflective, this window type is appropriate for you.

Look At The Bigger Picture

Using different types of window films might become an easy solution to all of your decorating dilemmas. However, since there are several options to choose from, you should consider different factors so you’ll end up choosing the window film perfect for your home. Don’t choose a window film type solely because “you think” this will look good in your home. Instead, weigh the pros and cons of each of these window type, determine which will give you the results you’re expecting while being a good investment. The window film you’ll use in your home should last for years, not just in weeks.  

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