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Try These Helpful Strategies to Reduce Your Commuting Costs

Transportation is an essential aspect of daily life, without which you can’t get around to many places you need to be. However, commuting to work and other places is time-consuming and can significantly impact your finances. The average American spends reportedly up to $5000 annually on transportation, necessitating that you find cheaper ways of getting around to slash your commuting costs. So, you want to know more about ways to reduce your transport costs? Please take a look at these points.

  • Hop on a bus or train

If you live in a town or city with an established public transport system, you can rely on it to save some money. Reaching your destinations by bus or rail prevents you from spending on gas, parking, and maintenance repairs. Additionally, mass transit allows you to enjoy a great ride to your destination faster. You can enjoy a cup of coffee and glance through the newspaper while someone else does the driving. You may also save more by using public transportation, as most federal and state governments offer commuters substantial tax breaks. Public transport is also safer, facilitates easier mobility, reduces air pollution, and provides opportunities to meet new people. It is also popular, as famous personalities like Mike Bloomberg and even President-elect Biden are known to favor subway commute over private transport. 

  • Ride a bicycle

Cycling is another cost-effective option worth considering to reduce your transportation bill. Riding a bike to work and other places helps you avoid car-related costs like gas and maintenance. According to AAA, car ownership cost exceeds $8600 annually for a midsize sedan, while bike ownership costs average around $300 yearly. Besides saving money on car costs, you can also save big on gym membership, as cycling gives you a daily workout routine. Cycling’s health benefits are reportedly even better than walking, so you can maintain fitness and save money on healthcare costs. Cycling is also fast because you can snake your way through traffic jams, reaching your destination on time. However, biking isn’t without its risks, as bikers are vulnerable to being hit by distracted drivers. Protective gear is undoubtedly helpful to your safety, so keep this in mind. Also, an experienced bike accident attorney is necessary to provide quality legal representation in any accident case you might be involved in, so consider hiring one for the best results.

  • Consider carpooling

Try These Helpful Strategies to Reduce Your Commuting Costs

Carpooling remains an effective tactic you can rely on to reduce your transportation costs significantly. As such, consider sharing your journey to work with friends or colleagues who ply the same route to work as you do. You could alternate driving duties weekly or decide on a weekly contribution plan towards fuel costs if one person drives. These days, many states have databases that can pair you up with ride-share partners who have similar commutes and schedules, so you can still carpool even if your colleagues or friends take other routes. Carpooling trims transport costs significantly, considering three people sharing a ride cut their commuting costs by two-thirds. You may also enjoy faster journey times by accessing car-sharing lanes. Finally, carpooling is great for bonding with friends and co-workers, so consider joining a carpool to make your dull, repetitive commute to work more lively.

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