Top Reasons to Visit Loire Atlantique, France

If you are debating where to take your next vacation, you no longer need to ponder locations as your decision has been made- Loire Atlantique is where you need to go. If you have never heard of Loire Atlantique, France or just aren’t quite sure why it is the best location, you will be convinced by the end of this article! Time to take a look.

Beautiful Coastline

Situated on the North Western coast of France, Loire Atlantique is in ideal spot for vacationers. The shoreline is dotted with quaint ports and seaside villages that are where most tourists and locals alike tend to frequent. There is the Cote d’Amour, the northern coastal region that was reputed for their oysters and is now one of the more popular resort locations. Then, there is the widely known Jade Coast to the south which can be reached by crossing France’s longest bridge (3.3 Kilometers in length). You can also check out the fishing ports in Le Croisic or the renowned sandy beaches of La Baule. Traveling the coastline of Loire Atlantique will bring you through all of these picture perfect spots, many of which are quiet and secluded- perfect for anyone looking to get away and just relax while on vacation.

Inland Sites

While the coastline is what many people think of when they hear Loire Atlantique, there are also plenty of hidden treasures to explore inland. The capital of the Loire Atlantique is Nantes which is a vibrant city, perfect for families and solo travelers alike. The Briere Natural Regional Parc is an ideal spot to vacation for nature lovers while the walled town of Guerande is full of historic monuments and ancient houses, great for any history lovers.


Loire Atlantique has a wide variety of vacation rental spots from which you can choose. Look at the bigger resorts on the coastline if you fancy a high end, luxury beach vacation. Pick a smaller rental property inland if you are in need of a quiet, peaceful getaway. There are many private homes that you can rent as well which is a great option for those who want to stay away from cookie cutter hotels and are looking for a more personalized French experience. Loire Atlantique has every type of property imaginable!


Loire Atlantique is quite easy to access given the array of transportation options. The Nantes Atlantique Airport is the largest airport in northwestern France and has direct flights from France, North Africa, Canada and other European Cities. There is also an extensive train system throughout Loire Atlantique with high speed trains going directly to Paris in under two hours. The region is very drivable and, if you opt to travel by boat, there are plenty of ports you can dock at as well. You will not need to worry about how to get around Loire Atlantique on your next vacation! There are many flexible options for you to choose from.


One of the most well-known sites in Loire Atlantique is the gothic style cathedral in Nantes which took over 457 years to complete. The historic site is worth a stop for anyone who appreciates history and detailed architecture.

If you are interested in more modern architectural sites, the Machined de Lile is quite a site to see. Mechanical animals and buildings come to life in ways that will delight kids and adults alike. This Nantes attraction is unlike any other in the world and something you need to add to your list of place to visit in Loire Atlantique.


Loire Atlantique is home to many gastronomic wonders that you will be able to enjoy on your trip. Plan a visit to the Nantes Petit Beurre shop where some of France’s most famous butter biscuits are made. You can also explore the Guerande peninsula where the salty marshes create a sea salt that is particularly high in minerals. Be sure to try a tropical Nantais cake that is flavored with rich rum- a vacation must!


If you are a wine aficionado, you may really want to be sure one or two vineyards land on your list of places to visit while on vacation. Luckily, Loire Atlantique has plenty! The area is famous for its Muscadet and Gros Plant wines which you can taste at any number of small vineyards in the area.

You are likely convinced that Loire Atlantique needs to be your next vacation destination so why not book your stay now? With so much to do and to see in the area, you may need a few weeks to explore! Call your favorite vacation rental location now, book your train or plane tickets and pack your bags for a trip to the coast.

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