Best Reasons to Travel by Catamaran On Your Next Vacation

The wind in your hair, the cool salty air on your skin and the ability to go wherever the ocean takes you…it sounds like a dream, right? However, this dream could be your reality if you chose to travel by catamaran on your next vacation. Whether you take one out for the day, or find a beautiful catamaran for sale – you’ll never travel another way again. There are actually quite a few reasons why you should opt for this mode of transportation the next time you need to get away and by the end of this article, you’ll be ready to set sail immediately!


When traveling by train, you have to stay on the train tracks. When you travel by car you have to stay on the road. When traveling by airplane, well, you have no choice but to go where the plane takes you. All these restrictions and physical restraints can be avoided by simply traveling by catamaran! The wide open ocean will let you go wherever you please.

Not only can you go in any direction that you’d like but you can also travel at any time. If you feel like leaving a port early, go right ahead. If you would like to extend your stay for a few more days, there is no cost to making your trip a little longer. Your schedule is only based on your desires when you travel by catamaran.

Unique Ocean Views

When aboard a catamaran, you are privy to views that you would never see when traveling any other way. Not only do you get to see the ocean and all of the wondrous spectacles of the sea but you can see the land you sail by in an exciting new way. Coasting along the shoreline will give you a whole new perspective of the area you visit. If you see something interesting, point your catamaran toward that spot and sail on over! You can go wherever your curiosity takes you!

Salty Sea Air

It is a proven fact that ocean air is good for your mind and for your body as well. The salty air has lots of negative ions which help increase your body’s ability to get oxygen which means you will literally breathe easier. The negative ions also boost serotonin levels in your body which is the chemical that causes you to be happy. So, just breathing in ocean air makes you instantly happier. Wouldn’t it be ideal to travel on a catamaran where the ocean will provide you with a naturally content state of mind? Absolutely!

One more thing to point out is that salty ocean air has been shown to make your skin look and feel better as well. While sailing on a catamaran, your skin will be exposed to the extra magnesium in the sea air which will help your skin stay hydrated. Hydrated skin is more elastic and creates a younger, youthful look. Not only will you be traveling by catamaran to your next destination but you will also be going back in time to days where you looked younger and felt happier!

Less Stress

While vacations and quick getaways are meant to be relaxing, sometimes the scheduling restrictions of traveling on land can be stressful. Not only do you have to base your trip around a set transportation schedule but you also can get stuck in unexpected traffic, have a delayed plane or train or, heaven forbid, even get in an accident. None of this sounds relaxing at all! Skip all of this and opt for your catamaran.

Let’s paint this picture again so you can see how stress free traveling by catamaran can be: no crowds, no traffic, no schedules. All of this equates to no stress which is exactly how a vacation should be! Clearly traveling by catamaran is the least stressful mode of transportation.

Port Life

If you have ever pulled your catamaran into a port, then you know how unique, laid back and friendly ocean harbors can be. Almost everyone you meet in any port across the world is at ease, happy just to be out on the ocean, living a more carefree life than those on the mainland. This ease of living rings true across almost every port. When you pull your catamaran into a new harbor, you can rest assured that you will be surrounded with like-minded, content people who love to sail just as much as you. This sounds much better than staying at a pretentious hotel or an expensive, rule based resort.

As you can see, traveling by catamaran has to be one of the best, most relaxing ways to go on a trip. As soon as you set sail you will feel less stressed, happier and have more freedom than you ever could back on land. So throw up those sails and set off to wherever your heart desires!

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