Top Eco-Friendly Yoga Gear

For those that are truly interested in purchasing yoga products that are mindful about the environment, we have provided this list. This allows you to feel good about the great products you’re purchasing. You make a difference by supporting this kind of companies. They will often use recycled fabrics, they produce locally, and reduce the packaging so there’s simply less plastic being consumed.

Yoga will teach us to care and be compassionate. This is just one more thing you can do to help your fellow man and the earth. Not to mention that the products themselves are pretty amazing so you’ll love them.

1. Green Apple Yoga Apparel

Green Apple is an eco-friendly apparel company that uses nothing but natural fabrics. They use organic bamboo for their leggings, bras, and sweatpants. The fabric is breathable so it’s rewarding to wear. It’s also hypoallergenic and prevents bad body odor thanks to bamboo’s antibacterial capabilities. Their pieces are certified organic, making them a safer product to use.

2. Hugger Mugger Eco Bamboo Yoga Towel

This towel is free of latex and is made from bamboo. Due to its fiber, it is super absorbent and doesn’t slip during your hot yoga practice. It can be used on its own as a lightweight option to take with you or you can use it over your mat. The nice thing is, it doesn’t bunch when you’re doing yoga no matter what kind of poses you’re doing.

3. Soybu Alecia Tank

This is a stylish tank top that provides you with plenty of support while you’re doing any sort of pose. It’s got the “RE-FLEX” fabric which is enviro-conscious because it’s made from recycled plastic. Every one of these tank tops is actually saving up to 12 plastic bottles that would be taken to the landfill. Style and functionality with a conscious.

4. Inner Waves Organics Mohala Camisole

This camisole is made from organic cotton and is said to be incredibly comfortable for wearing during yoga. The company itself re-uses fibers to make cool art in their factory. They recycle the water dyes too. The fabric is cooling after you’ve done a heavy workout.

5. Carolina Morning Designs 
Buckwheat Yoga Block

These yoga blocks are unique in that they’re made from domestically grown buckwheat. It’s still firm enough to be supportive. It’s a bit more comfortable to use as a cushion when you’re looking to prop up your thighs though. This is a great prop for yin or restorative yoga.

6. Yoloha Cork Yoga Mat

This mat is made from sustainably harvested cork and rubber (made from recycled tires). It is antimicrobial naturally thanks to the cork which means you won’t have body odor problems on the mat. Its slip free too and actually gives you better grip the wetter it gets.

7. Wai Lana Green Organic 
Cotton Yoga Tote

This tote is pretty to look at and is colored with natural dyes. The totes all have embellishments and embroidered designs. They are a unique product to carry your yoga mat around in. It’s a nice size that makes it easy to put your mat in and out of. It isn’t too roomy either which makes it looks strange when you’re carrying around your mat. It’s a well thought out tote you’ll love to sport too and from yoga class.

8. 4th Long Cuffed Perfection Yoga Pants

These yoga pants are made with a fabric that is crafted from chips of beechwood. These farmed birch trees surprisingly create a perfect material

Pronounced “for earth,” this company uses Modal, a fabric crafted from beechwood chips derived from sustainably farmed birch trees, to create stylish pants that “feel great” and “move very well in poses,” said yogis. And the company is doing even more for the earth by eliminating hangtags and plastic packaging.

9. Love My Mat Bolster

This company is fantastic because they are a mother and daughter team. They are environmentally conscious too as they reclaim used curtains, tablecloths and whatever other cool fabric they can get their hand on to make beautiful bolsters. The bolsters are really unique and they have a perfect amount of filling in them. The cotton they use to fill the bolsters comes from a local supplier too.

10. Farm2Fashion Lotus Flower & Om Throw

These blankets are made from domestically produced recycled yarn. They are stunning with the lotus flower/Om symbol too. This blanket is great during Savasana or any restorative poses. It is extremely cozy and warm.

So there you have it, if you’re looking to do the best you can by purchasing from eco-conscious yoga products, this list should get you started. They are local and they do small things to reduce the carbon footprint and any other foreseen environmental damage. Some of these companies may offer deals to yoga teachers too as you have access to many yoga enthusiasts. Regardless, the products are beautiful, functional, and are coming from companies with an eco-conscious.

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