Top 5 Places to Visit For a Christmas Family Vacation

When it comes to thinking about the holidays, it can be tough thinking about what is best for the whole family. Should you stay at home this year or go on vacation and try something new?

We think there’s never any harm in trying anything new. There will be another year, after all, and either way the kids will still get to open their presents.

In any case, we have a few family destinations in mind once the holiday season rolls around and they’re bound to make your Christmas a memorable event.

1) New York

A shoppers paradise, New York city demonstrates to the entire world how Christmas should be celebrate. With decorations that outdo almost every other city in the world, the Big Apple at Christmas time is simply divine to look at, especially in Central Park where many of those decorations congregate.

Aside from those, you have miles of department store windows where you can explore and get into the Christmas spirit just by walking down those shopping aisles. Kids will especially love the countless Santa’s Grottos and the toy stores on every corner.

For entertainment, we recommend the Nutcracker on Broadway, one of the most wintery performances you’ll ever see! Are you on a bit of a budget? Check out our tips on visiting New York by spending less.

2) Florida

If you want to get a bit of sun on your Christmas vacation, there are plenty of places to visit from Puerto Rico to the Caribbean. But if you want a true family holiday, Florida is ideal for you.

The site of palm tress wrapped with Christmas lighting is unusual, for sure, but just as magical as any wintery destination you choose to visit.

Everything from Disneyland to Universal Studios will be a huge treat for you and your kids. Explore all that these parks have to offer for your chance to experience the Christmas of your life. Need more reasons to visit Florida? We have five of them.

3) Lapland

The truly mystical Winter Wonderland, Lapland represents everything we expect Christmas to be. Reindeer sleigh rides, Santa Claus, a grotto, everything you could possibly imagine the kids will enjoy is at your fingertips at this wonderful place.

In addition to all that, you have the sportier side of Northern Finland in which you can ride motor sleds around in the snow and perhaps even a little snowboarding.

There’s nothing quite like Lapland, as we’re sure you’ll find out as soon as you touch down. It’s the perfect winter holiday destination for anyone who wants to make their Christmas truly the best time of year. And if you’ve not got feeling the Christmas spirit yet? Hopefully these three methods will cheer you up.

4) Alaska

Hopefully, it should be obvious why visiting Alaska is a must-do even outside of the Christmas holidays. Winters there are simply splendid. Not only do you have lots of snow and mountainous regions to explore but plenty of woodland the northern lights to contend with.

As if that isn’t enough, you get to see acres of pine forests, wooden log cabins and spend warm, comfortable nights around the campfire toasting marshmallows. Like Lapland and Canada, it truly is a Winter Wonderland.

5) Germany

Finally, we’re heading over to Germany, although you can put a lot of central European countries under this entry. Many cities at this time of year, from Geneva to Hamburg, have Christmas markets that simply cannot be found anywhere else.

Get all your Christmas treats on the streets of Nuremburg and Dusseldorf as you take your kids around all the famous stalls. Purchase candy and even an ornament or two, and we guarantee whoever receives that gift will be impressed.

We hope you can use this guide to ultimate effect and make plans for your Christmas vacation this year!

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