3 Quick and Easy Ways to Lift your Holiday Spirit

3 Quick and Easy Ways to Lift your Holiday SpiritThe world around us is rushing faster each year. The pressure constantly mounts – the media keeps pushing us to choose one of their 5 – 10 – 20 best gifts for the foodie / wine lover / tech geek / movie fan / (insert your preferred subculture here) in our lives, our bosses keep pushing us to be done with as much as we can before the holiday vacation, and we are surrounded by an ever increasing number of Santas, Christmas trees, reindeer, and gift boxes constantly reminding us of our perceived obligation to shop, buy, and spend again for the winter holidays. Keeping your holiday spirit high under such pressure can be hard – luckily we have a few tips on how you can do it, and it won’t cost you a cent.

Holiday scents

Christmas smells different for everyone. For some, it’s gingerbread and pine trees, for others, it’s apples and cinnamon. Whichever your preferred Christmas scent might be, you can quickly and easily turn your home into a Christmas home if you simply give it the right spices.

Cooking a few fresh apples with some sugar and cinnamon will not only give you a great compote but also fill your house with Christmas – and so will a mug of mulled wine, if you are into it. As for pine trees, you can simply go to your nearest florist and ask for a few – they might not even charge you for them – and leave them in a vase in your room.

Holiday games

Combining the fun of gaming with a Christmas look and feel can get you into the holiday zone in no time. For a quick lift of your holiday spirit, head over to and choose one of its seasonal games. Santa Paws, an All Slots classic, features polar bears, penguins, Santa hats and lots of snow. Santa’s Wild Ride, another All Slots fan favorite, replaces the reindeer with Blitzin and Santa’s preferred cookies and milk with sandwiches and beer. But there’s always Happy Holidays, the All Slots’ traditional Christmas game, with enough Christmas trees, sleigh rides, happy children, and socks to go around.

Holiday movies

There are many classic Holiday movies, and more modern takes on the topic, filling our screens around this time of the year, enough of them to kill your Christmas spirit. There are, in turn, quite a few of them that are apparently forgotten by the mainstream media which are not only uplifting, but also beautiful.

Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman is one of them – a wonderful story (released as a picture book, and later as an animated special) about a boy who builds a snowman on Christmas Eve, and the snowman comes alive and takes him on a wonderful journey around the world. The animated short was nominated for an Oscar. If you’re tired of watching Home Alone, Santa Claus, Elf, and the rest of the modern-day Christmas TV specials, find The Snowman on YouTube – and be immersed in a wonderful winter tale.

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