8 Ways to Make It the Best Summer Ever for Your Kids

If you look back on your childhood, many of your fondest memories will be on scorching hot summer days, playing on green grass under a blue sky. These pleasant memories of sunny days last a lifetime!

Kids will always find ways to have a great summer, even if they’re just playing out with their friends. But there is truly no better time for you to make precious memories with your family.

Use the long break as an excuse to do more family activities, and encourage your kids to use their imagination to play and grow.

Follow our top tips to guarantee the best summer for you and your family, ever.

  1. A Family Vacation

It doesn’t seem to matter much where you go, kids love a change of scenery. Vacations don’t have to break the bank, and most kids just like the feeling of experiencing a new environment.

Young kids are generally not best suited to city adventures, so look at staying in areas of natural beauty where your kids can swim and play, and rest easily if they need to.

Family vacations give you a precious break from the everyday, allowing you time to grow and bond with each other.

  1. Go on A Road Trip

A road trip can be part of your vacation, or it can be something else entirely, like a short break to visit friends or family who live not-so far away.  

Road trips are an excellent thing to do with kids – not the nightmare you’ve been told they are. For some kids, looking out of the window and seeing the landscape change can become a formative experience, that foregrounds a love of nature or travel for the rest of their lives.

You can play family games that help pass the time, or listen to audiobooks. Road trips are fun – it’s time to experience it with your family.

  1. Go Swimming

If going on a vacation is out of reach for you at this time, for whatever reason, create that little bit of vacation magic at home by going swimming in an outdoor pool.

There’s no better time than the heat of the summer to take your kids swimming. The water will be a refreshing delight for over-heated youngsters, and kids just love playing water games.

Bring pool toys like inflatables, balls and pool noodles so kids really get used to having fun in the water.

  1. Turn off The Screens

It’s easy to resort to flicking through various internet pages, or putting on the TV when you’re bored – but save that for Winter! Resorting to technology is for dark nights.

Instead, if your kids are a little older, kick them out in the morning and forbid them from returning until dinner. Over long childhood summers, kids forge incredibly friendships, and become more comfortable moving around their neighborhood.

Summers are some of the most formative times of our lives – don’t let your kids waste it glued to a screen.

  1. Go Stargazing

Kids take many of their childhood interests and passions into their adult life. Encourage your kids’ respect for the great beyond by picking a special night to go stargazing.

Every summer welcomes unusual astronomical events, like shooting stars and meteor showers. Get out into the wild with your kids and a telescope to create a truly special memory.

  1. Home Time is Fun Time too

Make sure when you’re at home it’s a good place for your kids to be. In the day, get them water pistols and toys for the garden.

Look into an aircon review for 2018 to keep your home cool and comfortable in the evening. Take the time to bond with your kids by playing with them and reading them stories – those moments often create the most precious memories of all.

  1. Scavenger Hunts

A fun way to help your kids learn more about the environment is with a scavenger hunt. Pick somewhere near your home like a big park or woodland area, and make a little booklet of local flora and fauna for kids to spy on the way.

This is a fab way to get your kids excited about the nature in their community, and grow in respect for plants and animals.

  1. Summer Camps

Some kids like to stay with their parents all summer, and that’s fine. But other kids relish the opportunity to go on a summer camp, and meet kids from other parts of the country.

Summer camps are a great way to help your kids get more social, and a wonderful way to for them to learn new skills or develop existing ones in a fun environment. If your kids are a bit more adventurous (and you’d like some Mom and Pa time), send them to a summer camp! They’re sure to have fun.

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