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Tips for Saving Time and Money Planning a Wedding

Planning for the big day can be a nerve-racking experience, particularly when you start thinking about all of the budgeting and expenditure that has to be accounted for during the process. Things can become particularly worrisome if you’ve decided to pay a wedding planner and rent a venue for the ceremony, as the costs can quickly compile to uncomfortable levels. Of course, doing it all yourself can be stressful as well, but at least you won’t be compounding the problem by adding financial stress to the equation. With that said, here are a few ways you can save time and money while planning for your own wedding ceremony: 

1. Use an Email List to Send Digital Invitations 

One unnecessary expense that you can cut out completely is the cost of designing and printing invitations. Although this is more of a formal measure than a requirement, some planners feel as though fancy invitation cards are important components. Still, going completely digital has become a much more practical approach now that almost everyone is using social media and email on their mobile devices. In fact, you’ll probably reach a higher number of people through email than via snail mail nowadays, but it’s a good idea to use an email verify to make sure your list contains valid email addresses, especially if you’re inviting business associates (click here for more info).

2. Skip the Fancy Venue

Another major budget drainer is the cost of securing a venue and parking spaces. Make a commitment to spend nothing on the cost of the venue and you’ll drastically reduce the overall price of the wedding while also cutting out an entire step in the planning process. After all, there are still plenty of no-cost options to consider, including a beach, park, or other outdoor environment. Alternatively, if you have a large enough house, then a home wedding ceremony is also an option worth considering, especially if you have a large garden that would comfortably accommodate all of your guests.

3. Go Fully Paperless

While paper doesn’t cost a lot of money, the hassle of having to manage a folder, collection of invitations, or printed schedule could be a silly waste of time when you could keep track of everything on your computer or smartphone. Plus, there’s actually a lower chance of a mishap or oversight when everything is digitally kept within a spreadsheet or app. Furthermore, there are a number of wedding planning apps that will help you simplify and expedite the main steps. You could also use a voice recording app to take quick oral memos regarding the venue design, wedding meal components, and other random ideas you come up with as you go along.

Handle Everything Independently

As you might’ve gathered thus far, the main idea is to avoid outsourcing tasks altogether, as everything involved in wedding planning can be handled on a DIY basis so long as you’re a fairly organized and ambitious individual. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having your family members or friends give you a helping hand and second opinions when needed. Ultimately, there’s nothing that a little research and diligence won’t solve.

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