Tips For Finding The Right Mattress For You

Mattresses that are bought specifically for your needs will transform your sleep and give you all the benefits that better sleep provides. There are three things to consider: size, material/construction, and firmness. Here we go over these three options and show you how to find the right mattress – (hints and tips).


The size of a mattress is often taken for granted, as consumers often opt for what they’ve had before. However, getting a mattress that suits your needs and fills the space of the room can be incredibly beneficial to both your sleep and your home aesthetic. Some people naturally sleep in a confined area whereas others prefer to spread out when sleeping over a wider area. A mattress that fills the available room area will ensure that there is no awkward looking empty space, or a cramped feel if the mattress is too big.


Coil – Mattresses that are made with coils as a base for their construction are typically the cheapest. They also tend to wear fastest and have a firmer feel.

Spring – Spring mattresses are also called pocket sprung mattresses as each spring is sewn into its own pocket of fabric. This provides greater support than a coil mattress and is known for being a good option for consumers considering the medium price point.

Memory Foam – reaching the softer end of the firmness scale, memory foam mattresses mold to your body weight and height. This offers a high level of comfort as they distribute the body’s weight evenly. Memory foam mattresses are not very breathable and can create a warm environment.

Latex – latex mattresses are more responsive (bouncier), naturally cool, and supportive. They also tend to be the most expensive option.


The firmness of your mattress can greatly affect your sleep depending on your body and sleep characteristics. Firmness is of particular importance for those suffering from back pain or other types of chronic pain that can be aggravated during sleep. Getting the right firmness can make a huge difference and relieve pain immensely. Mattresses are rated from firm to soft – firm mattresses preventing sinking whereas soft mattresses tend to mold to the body of the user. Firm mattresses provide the most support and will stop any back pain that may occur from a lack of support. Softer mattresses are often considered to provide high levels of comfort. They also aid those who sleep on their side as it takes pressure away from the contact points on the joints and spreads the pressure across the whole body.

 Bear in mind these tips to finding your perfect mattress. Get the most out of your mattress by getting what you need, at your budget.

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