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Tips for Family Clothes Shopping This Holiday Season

Although most shopping during the holiday season consists of toys for kids and electronics for adults, clothes are also a major part of the purchases that most people make. This includes clothing for the changing seasons, to give as gifts, and to wear to holiday parties. Ultimately, this can mean you’ll spend a lot of extra money just on clothes throughout the holiday season. To help you stick to a budget and avoid spending more than is necessary, the tips below can help.

  1. Start Shopping Early

When the seasons begin to change, retailers will put holiday clothing on sale for a fraction of the original retail price. This can mean being able to get dresses, pants, shirts, jackets, and even ties for just a few dollars. Although you won’t need these until the next holiday season, you can buy the size you think you’ll need and store it until the time comes. Shopping early always pays off with huge savings, especially if you wait until stores go to 70% – 90% off.

  1. Search Online Before In-Store

Most retailers offer discounts online that they don’t honor inside the store (although this varies for each company). This is why it’s a good idea to search online for items you would like before you ever step foot in a store. What’s even better about shopping online is that there is normally a larger selection available. For example, it’s generally much easier to find stylish plus size tops for full figured women online than it is in-store.

  1. Find Online Coupons

Whether you’re shopping online or in-person, you can save money by looking for online coupons before you checkout. While some coupons might be online only, there are normally many available that can be used any way you are shopping. Always keep an eye out for coupons before you pay. A great place that I like to go to find coupons is If you are like me and have teens and/preteens, then you are probably on the market for a cell phone. There are some amazing deals from AT&T where you can earn $150 VISA gift cards, find coupons and promos up to 50% off and many more deals!

  1. Wait for Big Sale Days

If you’re buying clothing for a gift or an expensive special occasion outfit, then wait until your favorite retailer is having a big sale. Black Friday and Small Business Saturday are both huge shopping days where retailers offer big discounts on purchases. If you need things earlier, then keep an eye on the prices and wait for a sale to finally buy.

  1. Download Store Apps

Most retail stores offer discounts and points if you download their store app and sign up for their loyalty program. Many also offer special deals during the holidays that can get you early access to lower prices for clothing. After the holidays are over, you can simply delete the app until you plan on shopping at the store again.

  1. Try Second-Hand Stores

Visit local second-hand stores to see what kind of deals they have for holiday clothing for your entire family. Since these stores pick up loads of clothing daily, you’ll be able to find a lot of great items for each person to wear throughout the season.

  1. Rent Nice Clothing

If you need a nice dress or suit for a special occasion, consider renting it rather than buying. This can save you hundreds while ensuring you still look nice. What’s even better is that you won’t have to pay to dry clean the garment afterward.

Happy Holidays with Fashionable Clothing

Buying clothing during the holidays doesn’t have to break the bank. The tips above can help you stand on trend and on budget. Whether you shop early or simply use every coupon you can find, the savings can really add up.

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