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Tips for Energy Savers at Home

Saving energy is saving the nature. Conserving energy is essential in current days because we are at a risk of running out of nonrenewable sources of energy in coming future, plus we are a greater risk of wasting our hard-earned money. It is the time we take firm decisions to change the way it has always been and practice what’s benevolent for us and our nature.

Each year we spend thousands of dollars on home cooling and heating systems. There is no way without heating and cooling when the weather is adverse but what is important to us is to live in a comfortable atmosphere without spending a lot.  Irrespective of the weather and climate, we can save a great deal of money by being wise and saving energy. Numerous electricity companies that are offering time-of-use plans such as “free nights and weekends” are found on the HomeEnergyClub website. It’s possible to save money with these types of plans, but it depends upon whether the “free” time periods aren’t too narrow and the energy usage patterns in your home are compatible with the rate structure of the plan you choose.

Solar Appliances

Solar water heaters, air-conditioners, refrigerators, ventilators, cookers, furnace and boilers are smart ways to conserve energy and depend on renewable resources. Unfortunately, most of the solar appliances are still in nascent stages and thriving for popularity. The solar panels and cells in these appliances absorb the solar energy and convert it to our desired purpose, like the home heating-cooling and heating water. Above all, you are also entitled to several tax rebates and discounts on your purchase when you opt for solar appliances.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are my all-season favorite. Keep yourself cool or warm, a ceiling fan does it all! Ceiling fans are ten times cheaper than air conditioners and a hundred times better when it comes to saving energy. A normal ceiling fan requires only 30 watts which comes down to 1 cent per hour. Power consumption increases with the capacity of the motor and size of the fan, but in any case, it beats an air-conditioner any day!

Buy Energy Star ceiling fans [more: powerhousefan.com] and those with dual rotations. Most often the ceiling fans rotate the blades counter-clockwise and blow wind and make us cool. In winter switch the fan to clock-wise rotation which will keep your room warm in cold days.

Air-sealing and Insulation

Proper air-sealing and insulation prevent loss of energy. Insulating the attic keeps your house cool in summer and warm in winter. When the roof turns into a furnace in summer, the absorbed heat makes the house hotter. Insulated attic prevents the heat and keeps the house comfortable. Similarly, it also prevents heat loss from the interior when the roof turns cold in winter. Air sealing just compliments the work and keeps the air intact and saves energy. On top of that, proper air-sealing and insulation will prevent possible roof leaks which can start mold growth. Therefore, the experts of Markham Services advise you to invest in air-sealing and insulation which can save you $200 per year.


Do you know if you set the temperature higher in summer and lower in winter using a programmable thermostat, you can save over 10% on home heating and cooling costs yearly? Buy Energy Star programmable thermostats and use with the HVAC in your house, which will save electricity throughout the year. Programmable thermostats allow you to set the timer and temperature. For the best experience, set the thermostat higher or lower when you are not home, and set it back to normal when you are inside.


There are several kinds of light bulbs and lights kits. When you are buying light bulbs, go for Energy Star products that are known for saving energy and work trouble-free over the years. Hen you are selecting a light bulb, know the required power also.  Traditional bulbs and halogen use higher power to illuminate your house, whereas, the CFL and LED consume less power yet give the bright light.

Apart from these, you can also try Energy Star window panels and special window treatments to save energy. If you’d like to upgrade to more energy-efficient windows, you could consider full window replacement for the entire property. Last but not the least, never leave any of the appliances running in the house when no one is home, we waste much of the money and energy due to carelessness. Let’s take one step ahead making our lives better.

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  1. I have been suffering from high energy consumption for the last few months. I was worried about it and was searching for suggestions to reduce my energy consumption. After reading your article, I have started using programmable thermostats, which will help me to save electricity throughout the year. By following your suggestions, I am successful in reducing my energy consumption. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

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