Tips for Buying Men´s Shirts

If you are looking for a special gift for one of the men, in your life a shirt could be the perfect answer. There are so many different kinds available. Long-sleeved, short-sleeved, Bermuda, Hawaiian, formal, informal, the list is a long one which gives you plenty of choice. You just need to click here to see more styles.

Whether you want a shirt for your father, brother, husband or teenage son you can find one that is will suit them. But, there are a few things you need to bear in mind when buying them as a gift. You can also visit to help you with your choices.

Getting the fit right

The key to buying a shirt that looks good is getting the size right. To be able to do this you need to know the man´s chest size. For a shirt that is likely to be worn with the top button done up find out the man´s collar size. This short article shows you the correct way to get this very important measurement. If you are buying a long-sleeved shirt you will also need to understand the correct way to measure the arms.

Choosing the right style

When buying a gift you need to look for something the person you are buying for is likely to want to wear. There really is no point in buying a brightly colored Hawaiian shirt for a man who only ever wears plain clothes. In all likelihood, he will politely thank you for it and never actually wear it. Try to think about the type of shorts and trousers the man you are buying for wears and buy accordingly.

Choosing the right cut

Think about the cut too. Consider how it will hang and buy accordingly. If you are buying a shirt for a guy who is has a big belly be sure to buy an extra long shirt. This will mean he can wear it without having to constantly pull it down over his stomach.

If you are buying a shirt for someone who works out a lot, look carefully at how big the shirt is across the shoulders. Also, look at the sleeves. If they are too narrow they will not fit over their biceps.

Think about how and when your gift is likely to be worn. This in-depth article will help you to decide which style is likely to be appropriate.

Care considerations

It is also important to think about how easy the shirt you are buying will be to care for. These days, a lot of people do not own an iron. Buying a shirt that requires ironing for them would not be a good idea. There is also no point in buying a linen shirt that will stain easily and be prone to wrinkling for someone who has a manual job.

More men´s gift inspiration

If you are looking for other men´s gift ideas, you can find many more here. Many of the ideas I have included in that article are ideal for those of you who are shopping on a tight budget.

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