Tips For An Easy Move

Tips For An Easy Move

Okay, so let’s get honest here – unless you are a minimalist, moving place can become rather overwhelming, requiring not only stuff packing but also figuring out some businesses like notifications and arrangements of all kinds. To throw you life buoy on the matter of settling all the arrangements, here we offer some simple moving steps by SF movers that will turn the process from chaos to quite clear sequence of actions.

1. Start asap

The earlier you’ll start the preparation, or at least make up your mind on the process – the better. There are things that will require not only effort or moves but also time, regardless to your exert. Arrangements like closing or transferring bank accounts or utility bills may take up to two weeks and you probably have way more organizations to deal with. So, starting the process of your micro (or macro) migration, figure the document issue first.

2. Make a strategy

To make things go swimmingly you shall make a plan of the whole proceeding. It is better to start with choosing the company which will help you with transferring or rent a track and find proper carriers (if needed). Set the date and point out the steps you shall follow through the whole process. Make “to do list”, numbering cases to manage and things to be packed. If you have a family, get the members involved so it would turn the routine process into joint adventure.

3. Keep your movers on the loop

As far as you have set up with helpers, take time to sharply define what are they going to deal with. One thing if you have moderate quantity of boxes, the other – if there are some big things like piano or fridge that must be moved. It is better to discuss time and date, the approximate duration, volumes of the belongings, quantity of rides etc. Discussing things before the start will keep you from delays, misunderstandings and unexpected confusions during the very day.

4. Revise your baggage

Moving to a new place is a great opportunity to check on your belongings and get rid of things you no longer need. Firstly – it will significantly simplify the process of movement by reducing the quantity of the stuff, secondly – give you a chance to let some new things into your interior. You can whether just throw things out or give it away – I’m sure there are people among your friends or familiars who would like to keep some of your stuff. There is also a variant of making a back yard sale, trading unnecessary items for money and making some sort of farewell party by inviting your comrades and neighbors to this occasion. Good luck!

2 thoughts on “Tips For An Easy Move

  1. Just want to add this. make sure to read the fine print when hiring movers and check for any weird rules. I made the mistake of skipping it and just hired them right away. it cost me a lot since there are some stuff that they won’t do so I have to pay an extra for them to move it.

  2. You have some good tips for making moving easier. I agree that finding the right mover, and keeping them in the loop, needs to be a number one priority. This is especially true if you have a piano, or pool table, or something like that that needs to be moved.

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