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Tiny Love Take-Along Bouncer Review

A special thanks to Tiny Love for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

Tiny Love Take-Along Bouncer Review

About Tiny Love

“Tiny Love® is a multiple award-winning global toy and baby products’ company that was founded in 1991 by Shoshi and Isaac Oren. The couple branched into the field of developmental toys with the aim of creating products that would support baby’s development from birth through 24 months and offer smart solutions to parents’ changing needs. Today, Tiny Love’s products are available to babies and parents in more than 50 countries worldwide.”

My Review

Since having my third child, I have found that the best way to make sure I can always have my hands free (in case another one of my children needs me) is to make sure I have a safe place to set down the baby. Lugging around baby swings and bouncers can get a bit inconvenient at times and I often just have to pick a permanent room to keep them in in order to avoid the hassle. We like to spend a lot of times out on the back deck where we can watch the older kids play in the yard while cooking food on the grill. Unfortunately it’s not a place where I can keep one of baby Adeline’s bouncers, I must take one out there with me each time which is such a pain! I am always running into the door frame with them and smacking the toy attachments off the wall which in turn wakes up Adeline or makes her upset. Then when we go into the yard I have huge stair sets to walk down both the front and back door, so carrying a bouncer and a baby would not be a wise or safe choice. Is any of this sounding a bit familiar to you… can you relate to my inconveniences and frustrations when it comes to baby bouncers that are not travel friendly? Well lucky for you and I, Tiny Love has resolved this issue and come out with an amazingly convenient bouncer!

Tiny Love Take-Along Bouncer ReviewThe Tiny Love Take-Along Bouncer is the perfect product when it comes to bringing with you on the go. The bonus carry bag allows you to easily carry and bring with you anywhere you go. The lightweight bouncer folds up flat and hardly takes up any space when packed in the car. There is absolutely no assembly required, comes in the box ready to use and pops open with ease. Shutting it is just as simple and you can have it packed away in less than a minute. This is literally the easiest and most convenient piece of baby gear that I have ever had the pleasure of using!

Tiny Love Take-Along Bouncer Review


I am especially fond that the bouncer is designed to be at an upright positioning! My daughter has two bouncers that she currently despises and I am highly confident it’s because they recline too far back for her. She has two older siblings running around the house all day long, so she really wants to be able to see them. The take-along bouncer positions her perfectly so that she can see what is going on in front of her, as well as next to her. My three year old son loves how easy it is to look her in the face and talk to her when she uses this bouncer.

Tiny Love Take-Along Bouncer Review

I just adore how soft, comfortable and cozy this bouncer is for my baby. The breathable fabric and mesh sides keep her cool in the Georgia heat. Now that baby Adeline is starting to get a bit older we can start bringing her to more places and I am so thrilled to have this bouncer for her. This is truly going to add much convenience when we visit the lake, park, playground or any other place we visit along the way. This is a really great bouncer to have and one that I could not imagine living without, something I highly recommend to busy, on the go families!

Tiny Love Take-Along Bouncer Review

Tiny Love Take-Along Bouncer Review

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9 thoughts on “Tiny Love Take-Along Bouncer Review

  1. I really like that this is lightweight and easy to carry with you. I also like that it folds up flat. So very nice

  2. I like how it’s lightweight and easy to fold and travel with. Something that can be easily stored away when not in use.

  3. This bouncer would have come in handy a lot with my first baby since we traveled a lot! I have never seen a bouncer that has a carrying case before…I love that feature! I would love this for the next baby!

  4. omg too cute 😉 love how easy it is to set up for the baby and light enough its not going weigh you down.. great review and thanks for share @tisonlyme143

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