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Tiffany Rose Twilight Lace Maternity Dress Review

A special thanks to Tiffany Rose for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

Tiffany Rose Twilight Lace  Maternity Dress Review

 About Tiffany Rose

“Tiffany Rose began in 2003 with a simple aim: to offer pregnant women the chance to wear exciting, elegant, beautiful and well-made designs for special occasions. Our designs are inspired by icons of the 50s and 60s, timeless classics that will never go out of style, with a touch of vintage or a modern twist. Evoking the sense of special and occasion, we bring to you unusual shades, tonal hues, sumptuous textures and unique prints – all in classic, flattering and wearable styles – and all Made in Britain. Women today can now look and feel elegant, stylish and confident during their pregnancy. Our collection ranges from beautifully tailored jersey and lace maternity dresses, silk evening gowns and our fabulous selection of maternity bridal wear.”

 About the Twilight Lace Dress

“Soft, simple yet striking, our Twilight Lace maternity dress in a delicious shade of Mocha, oozes glamour for a special daytime or evening occasion. The lace bodice is stretchy to fit you perfectly with your changing bra sizes, subtly scattered with silver sequins to catch the light and add a dazzle of glamour. The neckline is deeply plunging and cross-over, capped by demure kimono shoulder sleeves that are so flattering. A richer dusky Mocha skirt adds a tonal block colour contrast, above a sparkle lace cuff to the hem just below the knee for added understated glamour. Liberating lace stretches for freedom of movement, while the fully lined viscose jersey skirt moulds to your bump without clinging. A detachable oyster satin sash adds the perfect touch, leaving you to select your favourite pearls to emphasise that spectacular neckline.”

Tiffany Rose Twilight Lace  Maternity Dress Review

Tiffany Rose Twilight Lace  Maternity Dress Review

Tiffany Rose Twilight Lace  Maternity Dress Review

 My Review

I remember having such a difficult time finding adorable and stylish clothing during my first pregnancy. That was about nine years ago and since then I have seen a huge increase in places to purchase stylish and trendy maternity clothes. Although there seems to be more selections out there, I still wasn’t able to find the type of clothes that were entirely gorgeous. What really bothered me about the selections was that everything was very loose fitting and everything had these giant ribbons and bows on the belly (because drawing attention to my growing belly is exactly what I want, hehe.) As a petite person that mainly gains all the baby weight in my belly, I really desired more tighter fighting maternity clothes that were also comfortable. The fashionista in me also wanted to find clothing that didn’t scream “HEY I’M PREGNANT!” So was there a store out there that provided stylish, comfortable fitting maternity clothes that made your feel beautiful? After surfing the internet and looking through many websites, I finally came across exactly what I was looking for! The Tiffany Rose maternity clothing line was everything I had desired in the type of clothing I wanted during my pregnancy and I could not have been more in love with their selections.

I had the pleasure of receiving the breathtaking Twilight Lace Dress and I am absolutely in love with it! This dress proves that just because you are pregnant does not mean you have to dress frumpy and plain. There are actually dresses out there that will not only make you feel beautiful during your pregnancy, but will allow you to dress up on those very special occasions. I  really wish I had known about this company sooner because I attended a wedding my last pregnancy and could not find a good maternity dress to wear! What I love most about this dress is that it doesn’t look like a maternity dress, which is what I dislike about maternity clothes (sounds strange, I know!) The fabric is incredibly soft, stretchy and comfortable… something I could never grow uncomfortable wearing. As you can see from the images below I am a few days over the 33 week mark and this dress still has plenty of room left for my growing belly. Despite being so comfortable and stretchy, it isn’t flowing on me and provides that tight fit that I wanted in maternity clothes. Overall I am 100% pleased with this dress and could go on about how incredibly amazing it is! So if you are looking for trendy, stylish and high quality maternity clothes I suggest you take a look at the newest  Tiffany Rose dresses today, you are sure to find something you will love!

Tiffany Rose Twilight Lace  Maternity Dress Review

Tiffany Rose Twilight Lace  Maternity Dress Review Tiffany Rose Twilight Lace  Maternity Dress Review


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  1. This is such a beautiful dress whether you’re pregnant or not I would love to wear it looks so comfy too.

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