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The Perfect Father’s Day Gift: Swamp People Sauces

The Perfect Father's Day Gift: Swamp People Sauces

About the Swamp People Sauces

This Father’s Day, let Dad add a dash of Swamp People attitude to his food — no matter what kind of wild game is on the menu!  Inspired by the characters, culture and gustatory delights of Cajun Country, hunters, grillers, Cajun cooks, or series fanatics will thrill to the new line of Swamp People Sauces.  Available are Tree Breaka Cajun Steak Sauce, Mudda Fricks Horseradish BBQ Sauce, No Guts, No Gator Habanero Salsa, Tree Shaka Cocktail Sauce and Pierre Part Inhospitable Hot Sauce. ($4.99-$5.99, Bass Pro Shops and; Cabela’s)

The Perfect Father's Day Gift: Swamp People Sauces

Father’s Day is just around the corner and if you are a last minutes shopper, such as myself, then I think you are really going to love this idea! Head out to your local Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s and grab dad some barbecuing products and give him a big selection of items for the grill! The bold and delicious Swamp People sauces would make the perfect addition to dad’s barbecuing supplies and guaranteed to help him make some delicious meals this summer. My husband was the official taste tester for these products (a man that loves hot and spicy food) and he was pretty impressed with all three Swamp People Sauces. They provide a unique and fun barbequiing experience, allowing you to step away from the traditional foods. These sauces are really going to make eating off the grill this summer a delicious treat and dad is going to feel proud knowing he cooked his family some mouthwatering meals. So what are you waiting for? Father’s Day is almost here! Get out the door and hunt down these fantastic sauces for dad, I just know he is going to love them!

The Perfect Father's Day Gift: Swamp People Sauces

30 thoughts on “The Perfect Father’s Day Gift: Swamp People Sauces

  1. These sound fantastic. I am so glad they are available at Bass Pro Shop because I don’t live too far from one located in Birmingham.

  2. We love watching Swamp People each week and the food they have when they show them all gathering to have a dinner looks really good. These sauces sound really good and I’d love to try them out.

  3. I’ve never watched the show but have heard of it. The sauces look delicious & I’d love to try them.

  4. The names sound so funny and interesting. Love to win them of course. I know my husband would have fun cooking with them. The sauces look like they would add great spices too! Thanks for the info. I didn’t know they made sauces like this.

  5. I like that these are good sauces, as certified by your taste tester husband, on top of the novelty aspect.

  6. Cool did not know that these are available at Bass Pro shops, we are getting a a Cabellas here but has not been built yet, My boys love hot sauces and spices and we could have a outdoor feast with them, I like that they have cool names like – “Tree breaka Cajun steak sauce, sounds great.

  7. I love the summer time and eating outdoors again. Grilling with these sauces is going to be amazing!

  8. I’ve never heard of horseradish bbq sauce before. But I love them both individually. So I’m game!

  9. These sound really good. At my house we are all fans of sauces and we love cajun flavors too.

  10. I’ve actually seen this show a few times. These sauces look awesome and we love these flavors!

  11. I think it is so cute the title of the “Inhospitable sauce” I gotta a chuckle outta that one! We sure would love to try these sauces! My husband is a big fan of this show.

  12. Sounds delicious I would like to try the steak sauce since that is what is always grilled on fathers day

  13. My husband is a big sports and outdoorsman and this would certain appeal to him. We are often at Cabela’s so I will look for these.

  14. These sauces sound so good, and would be so perfect for our summer BBQs! My husband is big into hot sauce and all kinds of sauces, I would love to win these for him! Swamp People also holds a special place in my heart, as we used to cuddle up and watch it together when we first started dating. 🙂

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