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miWorld Play Sets: Where Children Can Build Their Dream Mall

A special thanks to JAKKS Pacific for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

About The miWorld Deluxe Environment Claire’s Boutique Play Set

The miWorld Deluxe Environment set is the ultimate miWorld play set featuring Claire’s Jewelry. It’s so cute and tiny and you won’t believe how detailed and realistic every set is! Continue to grow your mall with Figure Packs, Collector Packs, additional Starter Sets and Deluxe Sets. Also, look for the free miWorld app in the iTunes store to play mini games, design your own virtual avatar and bring her to life in your actual miWorld play set.


  • Detailed and realistic
  • Includes 4 walls, 2 floor pieces, 1 doll figure and 1 sticker sheet
  • Comes with over 50 accessories
  • All set in miWorld snap together, allowing kids to connect stores vertically or horizontally to build their dream mall

miworld2 miworld3 miworld4

About the miWorld Starter Environment Sprinkles Cupcakes Play Set

The miWorld Starter Environment Sprinkles Cupcake Play Set is a delectable introduction to the miWorld family of products. This play set is cute and tiny, and it is very detailed and lifelike. The set features two walls and a floor, as well as over 20 accessories. This miWorld playset is one in a line of lifelike miniatures that allow kids to collect, connect, build, work and play in their favorite hot spots, shops and mall stops.





My Review

My eight year old daughter is absolutely in love with the store Clarie’s and we must stop and look around every time we are at the mall. Every year one of her great aunts sends her a gift card to Claire’s for her birthday and we must spend over an hour trying to find the perfect stuff to purchase. She just loves looking through all of the racks and shelves, making sure she doesn’t miss a single thing. This is always such a special treat for her and something that she looks forward to every year! My daughter has reached an age where she no longer plays with doll houses and all of her littlest pet shops have started to collect dust. As she gets older her toy preference has changes significantly and it can be quite difficult finding something for her that isn’t too “babyish.” I knew  toalmost instantly, upon discovering the miWorld sets, that these were undoubtedly going to be something my daughter would love. Not only was there a set available of her favorite store, but she could start a collection and build a dream mall over time.

My instincts were right and my eight year old daughter could not have been more excited about the miWorld sets! She watched over my shoulder in anticipation, anxious for me to finish putting them together. I was so amazed by the high quality and how realistic everything was. We placed the sets on top of the bookshelf in my daughters room where she spent hours meticulously placing all of the little pieces and designing her own stores. There are so many little features and pieces that provide an unlimited amount of fun, you could literally rearrange everything a hundred times over! Additionally, there are little packets that you can purchase to add more accessories to your stores. Plus there are set that allow you to keep building onto your stores and eventually creating your very own mall. This is so much better than a dollhouse because your child can rearrange and move around the stores any way that they please. This is truly the perfect toy for a child that has outgrown her dolls and is desiring a more mature set of toys. I am overall extremely impressed with the quality of the miWorld sets and highly recommended them/


Where To Purchase

Make sure to look for this packaging at your local Walmart next time you make a trip to the toy isle! You can also find these amazing products on the Wlamart website. These miWorld sets are sure to bring a little girl many hours of fun as she designs her very own mall!


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21 thoughts on “miWorld Play Sets: Where Children Can Build Their Dream Mall

  1. I loved playsets similar to this when I was a kid! I’m sure my two girls would, too (they are 6 and almost-4).

  2. These are so nice for the kids to set up and design and run their own stores at the mall. Grand kids will have fun with these

  3. My niece would love this playset. I like how she would be able to design it herself. It includes everything you’d find at the mall.

  4. This is so cute my daughter would play with this for hours when she was little it is so cute my little nieces would love it .

  5. These are nice! i know the perfect little girl who would love these. actually my son would love them too.

  6. How fun, I know my niece would love to play make believe with this. She is not into Barbies, but into smaller figurines like these

  7. Oh my how sweet. My granddaughter would just love this miWorld play set. She would get ours of fun.

  8. This is one neat product, it allows a childs imagination to take over and to see what is available at the mall/stores, I like the choice of the stores that is involved and I think that I will not be as tired walking through this mall as the big one on north side of town..LOL

  9. Your Review was Awesome. You told and showed all, I absolutely Love these miWorld Playsets. They leave nothing out to set up your own shop. Miniature products and all. I Myself could picture playing with this! Lol! Wen I was a Child( Many yrs ago) We used to play Grocery store. We had a register and empty cartons from used up products. It was so much fun. Seems like yesterday~ :0)~~~

  10. These are AWESOME! My daughter looks at these each and every time we go to the store. I was hesitant to buy because all of the little pieces, but now I see that they all store nicely!

  11. Love these toys that triggers a child’s imagination and creativeness. Perfect gify for my Granddaughter who is such a girly girl 🙂

  12. These sets are so adorable!! I love all of the tiny, intricate little pieces that go into each shop! My daughter would go crazy over one of these! I loved Claires when I was younger too. 🙂 I’m glad they are still around for me to share with my little girl!

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